DiRT Rally Rallycross Mod?

I am no pro, nor am I a beginner to this series and genre. I am well aware skill is the deciding factor in winning races in this game.

Every Rallycross race is the same. I get 1:50-1:58 as a race time. The AI seems to always get one second better than me no matter what I do. I follow the same path the AI takes only for them to rocket ahead. Its evident they get a speed boost as well for when we are all on the starting line, the AI is revving their engines like crazy and get a speed boost. Meanwhile, I do the same and my tires spin then stop entirely for a second while get grip and start rolling forward. How is it that the AI can rev and get a good launch, while when i do the same i spin tires but stay on the line? UNFAIRNESS.

I cant spin out AI either however, the AI straight up pit maneuvers me when i take a corner that cuts through their line.

I am looking for a mod that dumbs down the AI to a point where its competitive but not cut throat. I am searching for a mod that makes the AI make more mistakes. I fully understand that this is the Sekiro of racing games; that you are supposed to suck and learn from what makes you suck. If i take the optimal line i should rocket ahead or catch up to the AI. They should not have ANY advantages at all.

No, I am not trolling. I am not a professional but I am no beginner either. Im not gonna say I demolish all other racing games, but other racing games do not give me this much trouble.
With certain cars you have to start with the second gear to get a better acceleration. I don't know about any mod like that but you can try to download the EGO editor and modify the database.bin file.
Can you post a video of yourself driving? Maybe I can tell you how to improve, since I have no problem winning in rallycross
Dont feal bad .Codemasters rally games have absolutly the WORST AI of any race game I have ever tried. and i have over 50