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RaceRoom Racing Experience Updated

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
RaceRoom Lada Vesta.jpg

Sector3 Studios have released a small hotfix update for their RaceRoom Racing Experience simulation.

Containing nothing particularly revolutionary when it dropped for players of the game earlier today, the new hotfix update for RaceRoom Racing Experience is never-the-less a nice improvement for the simulation, and will surely be welcomed by fans of the game.

Headline highlights of the fresh build release include an unexpected but still rather welcome update to the wonderful Lada Vesta TCR - a special eSport competition car build by Sector3 for the Lada e-championship competition within the title.

Now available with the latest WTCR physics as introduced in time for the recent 2019 season update to the category, the car should now be at the same performance and physics level as its WTCR counterparts within the sim.

The full update notes from the latest build can be seen below:

  • WTCR 2018 / 2019 - Massively reduced the amount of smoke and skidmarks left behind the cars
  • Updated all the suspension sound samples with cleaner and more varied recordings
  • By popular demand from competitors, the Lada Vesta from the "Lada e-championship" competition has now received latest WTCR physics.

RaceRoom Racing Experience is available for PC now.

For more R3E fun, have a gander at our RaceRoom Racing Experience sub forum here at RaceDepartment. Here you can catch the latest news and gossip about the sim, and also take part in our awesome RaceRoom Racing Experience Racing Club - a great place to enjoy organised and clean online racing fun!

Image Credit: TCR

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UMC 22

Can't they add the Vesta to the main game? I find it a bit pointless to create such a car and make it only playable in competitive time trials. Maybe made sense for the VW ID.R, but not for the Vesta TCR or 2017 DTM Mercedes.
Maybe they will. There are other cars in the game (such as the old Merc touring cars) which have showed up first in a competition, and then later as a purchasable car once all the promo is finished with.
Last night, I enjoyed some of the most satisfying single player races using both WTCC 2013 and WTCR 2019 at Hockenheimring. I started by trying out the new Lynx &Co WTCR 2019 car and I had a blast. I absolutely love that car. I noticed that the handling of the WTCC/WTCR cars has changed compared to previous iterations. So, I decided to do a similar race with, some well know to me, WTCC 2013 cars. I started with a race in the Lada Granta. I never had so much fun with that car before. Then, I completely lost track of time and I ended up doing the same race with all the cars in WTCC 2013 in turn and each of those races were fantastic.

Based on my experience, the tweaks made by Sector 3, make the cars a bit more predictable. I had fun mastering throttle lift-off oversteer in the FWD cars. I also found that on corner exit, I could smash the throttle earlier with better confidence that I would not lose the back end.

In the end, I was more focused on race craft than keeping the cars on track which is a nice of change of pace for me. Also, the AI was pleasantly aware. I barely had any incidents all night.

Congratulations to Sector 3 Studios, they have done us a solid.
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I tried launching the game through steam this morning and Raceroom wouldn't launch.....any ideas?
No file issues and all my other titles in steam launch fine?
I usually get that result after a fresh installation or an update of raceroom (got thisnissue few days ago). Just be sure the raceroom's exe files are launched as administrator (right click on each exe file, properties, then check the box to launch as administrator).
And in the firewall, do not forget to create an exception for raceroom.
Hope you will be able to launch the game.
You shouldn't have to run any game as an administrator, and neither is it a good practice.

And the thing is, if you do, you're basically setting yourself up for more possible trouble, because then some of the config files for example might become inaccessible for a regular user, and you're stuck in an endless loop where you now have to run it as admin, even if you normally wouldn't have to.