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RaceRoom Racing Experience: New Silverstone Addition to Contain 5 Layouts

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Silverstone logo.jpg

Sector3 Studios, by way of game producer J-F Chardon, have confirmed plans to bring a total of five different layouts to the upcoming Silverstone Grand Prix track for RaceRoom Racing Experience.

Following the recent announcement that work on developing Silverstone for R3E has restarted following the release of the epic laserscanned Nordschleife, Chardon has informed fans the studio are aiming to achieve a total of five layouts for the circuit, much to the expected delight of players. Although host to the FIA Formula One World Championship and FIA World Endurance Championship, Silverstone holds many regular national series events for lower powered Formula and closed cockpit vehicles, often utilising some of the many smaller configurations of the track more suited to less powerful machines.

With the many Touring Car and low power junior formulae vehicles currently available in RaceRoom, the smaller configurations of the circuit do make perfect sense from a gaming perspective. Unfortunately although a Historic GP Circuit layout is planned, it will not be the original track containing the Bridge Corner section, but instead the current configuration that utilises the original pit lane before Copse corner.

The full list of layouts proposed by Sector3 can be seen below:

GP Arena Circuit
Silverstone GP Layout.png

International Circuit
Silverstone International Layout.png

National Circuit
Silverstone National Layout.png

Long National Circuit
Silverstone Long National Circuit.png

Historic GP Circuit (as it is raced today) (modern layout but old pits and fast chicanes)
Silverstone Historic GP Layout.png

No release date for Silverstone has been announced, and as with any work in progress project the planned layouts may be subject to change.

Read more news, engage in discussions, download a setup or join in the on track fun for yourself. All this and more in the RaceRoom Racing Experience sub forum here at RaceDepartment.

Which version of the Silverstone track do you like the most? Looking forward to trying the track in game? Let us know in the comments section below!
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dksRacing Kaney
not my favourite or strongest circuit (GP), but sure the R3E team will do a cracking job of this, enjoying R3E at the moment so will definitely add this track to my list.
So historic is just the current, circa 2010 layout using the old pitlane?

I can think of other layouts for which the term 'historic' would be more fitting.
GT layout or something like that would be more fitting.

Any particular reason why the National Circuit layout uses the old trackmap of Silverstone? :whistling:
I think the Historic GP Circuit is what they use the Blancpain GT races, right?

Blancpain series uses the same configuration as the f1 cars. However when they run historic events at the circuit (Silverstone classic for example) this is the layout they use.

The only real difference is they use the old club corner rather than the much newer tighter version.

Before the major circuit update they also used to miss out the Abby chicane. I'm assuming it was simply to make it easier on the elderly brake systems. Especially the brave souls driving cars with drum brakes. Haha.

EDIT: I kind of understand what you mean now. Yes they use the heritage pits on the old start finish straight for the Blancpain series. However it's the f1 circuit layout they use :thumbsup: Not sure why but my assumption at the time was it's cheaper for the organisers maybe.
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