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Racer/Panthera the simulator we are all searching for

Like all of you simracers, I am always searching for the ultimate THING (a simulator) that delivers to me the true sensations of driving and racing a car. But I knew that such a THING is only available to formula 1 and motorsports teams (that can pay for it).

I recently discovered that Panthera, the software that drives million dollars simulators, is based on Racer (yes our old good Racer). I downloaded the free version and apart from some renaming's, it WAS Racer.

I tried Racer several years ago and didn't care about it so much. The very good physics and rendering engine was masked by badly released cars and tracks. I redownloaded it and tried the mazda miata mx5 in Melbourne_2011_cg and in Nurburgring_2007_cg tracks.

I was shocked. This is the best mx5 I have driven in a sim (better than the assetto corsa one ) and the graphics engine is photorealistic. Really excellent. The Racer in Panthera is even better (I think that a lot of bugs have been resolved).

My point is this. We are all wasting our time with acc, iracing, rfactor 2, automobilista 2, etc. These are all video games ( that must neglect realism most of the time for better sales). And now that we have a true simulator no one is using it. With a good car and a good track, Racer/Panthera can deliver an excellent experience (like mine in Melbourne with the mx5).

A last question: Is there any laser scanned tracks for Racer/Panthera?