Racer + CryEngine3?

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  1. Fortunato


    CryEngine3 is free for non commercial uses now.

    Rigs of Rods developers combined ROR with CryEngine3.

    And here's what happened:

    Can developers of Racer also combine two engines - Racer and graphics of CryEngine3 or - Racer and damage system of ROR? :)
  2. Some1


    I don't think so.
  3. boomer541


    Free CryEngine3 is a 1gb download, take a week to do it on my slow DSL. It is interesting though. but the soft body in the above video is not fully implemented yet.
  4. Mr Whippy

    Mr Whippy

    Hehe, looks good... until you want a specific behaviour.

    Look how hard tuning pacejka is to make a car drive how you think it should. Now imagine the per-vert or per-object, or per-pixel (if it's texture based) values for deformation that you'd need to tweak to get the expected behaviour you wanted.

    Problem with Racer is that it's free but also used for Cruden and their simulators (motion platforms), and that IS a commercial entity and I imagine that is how a lot of what we get for free is funded because it's also used for Cruden for commercial reasons. Ie, Ruud recently mentioned that their sims use SMD cameras for the simulators and that is why he had to code something a specific way.

    I think we are fairly lucky really because that link helps give us Racer which is all said and done pretty damn good these days. We have AI, traffic, TOD, nice renderer and so on...

    CryEngine 3 looks fancy but I bet the task of getting to where Racer is now with it would take years just to develop a decent physics/car handling part to it.

    It's graphics do look nice but it's not anything we couldn't achieve in Racer for race track type stuff. We have a few bugs to iron out and new things to implement for that final extra quality but generally Racer is very nice looking imo!
    Most of what we could need could be implemented fairly easily now with the new shader system.

    As per the damage, I'm sure given a few GDC and Siggraph papers the 'magic' behind these demos will be rather elegantly simple and easy to duplicate.
    I'm still not a huge fan of damage except where it's really required though. As authors we already have a pile of features we *can* use but don't yet, so adding more for what is ultimately a novelty isn't high on my list yet...

    Getting a car to even hit a barrier and no do weird bouncing or weirdness is hard enough, never mind crumpling up realistically :D

  5. 2o6


    Has anyone tried modding for ROR in it's current state? It's virtually impossible, and the graphics engine isn't as dynamic as RACER.
  6. Alex Forbin

    Alex Forbin

    This is the type of damage that Racer deserves, and I do think that it can be done without bankrupting the GPU. Cryengine 3 is a very impressive platform but as Dave said Racer has nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to graphics and it is more efficient overall from what I've seen.
    ROR in it's current form is amazing until you actually try to race with it, then the cars become very unstable and hard to drive. I'm sure that they will probably eventually fix that, but I would rather have a sim that is actually fun to drive today and have the promise of realistic damage in the near future.
    I do love ROR and keep up with it regularly, but Racer is what I develop for.

    Alex Forbin
  7. Harey


    I like playing RoR as well, but find it to be more of a resource hog then Racer when you have more the one vehicle close to another. But the most I do with RoR is crash the cars, sometimes I try to run them over, and sometimes it tries to reset both cars in the same place lol.

    But I do agree with you that I'd rather have a sim that is actually fun to drive right now, with a promise to realistic damage, then the other way around.
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