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RaceDepartment Review | Wave Impetus Monza Sim Pedals Pro


Apr 9, 2014
I think it's really nonsense.
Absolutely nothing justifies such a price.


Jul 24, 2017
A million people (give or take one or two) complain about the cost of the ACC GT4 download, so I can really see everyone spending €1,586 on a set of pedals.
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Aug 28, 2017
A million people (give or take one or two) complain about the cost of the ACC GT4 download, so I can really see everyone spending €1,586 on a set of pedals.
Bonus - they have to bitch at the cost of rF2's DLC yet ignoring how much those of iRacing is


Jan 28, 2014
The SimworX pedals are 1000€/1000$ ish. Got high quality positioning readers in the tubes and all that jazz. Still too expensive for me but since we're posting images of expensive pedals i thought why not. Maybe someone got the cash and hunting for exotic awesome pedals, lol.

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May 13, 2020
1,586 Euro for these CSP v3 knockoffs vs 1,395 USD for state of the art HPP pedals
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Is there some money laundering scheme going on?
What’s confusing to me is these Monza’s are Barry Rowland’s go to pedals. I wonder why? But even then, no hydraulics = hard pass at $1800 USD.
Ironically at least the V3’s have useless shaker motors in the brake and throttle so technically they have “more” features.


Mar 30, 2009
I don't think the price is too high. At the higher end the prices tend to fluctuate more anyways. One set might be 1k while another very similar one is more than twice or tripple of that. So if the high end starts at 600€ and the upper limit is at 5k or whatever then this fits right in there. I don't think anybody really picks their equipment purely price first anymore in this price range.

Aesthetics and functionality and personal biases probably matter a lot more. Hydraulics vs loadcells, bushings vs pneumatics, laser cut sheet metal vs cast and/or machined aluminum, welded vs screws, 12bit vs 16bit vs 10bit, buy locally or globally, amount of adjustability, inverted or not, loadcells vs hall sensors vs pots vs aether flux emcombabulators... there are lots of choises and some of it is personal preference, some purely aesthetics or in the end no real difference at all. But at the same time if you are looking for a top level pedal set you buy something that sounds right to you, has the features you want and look like you want. If price was all that mattered we would be all running cheapest plastic ones on the cheap or protosimtechs for the high end. For someone these cast and machined pedals look great, someone might prefer the beautifully machined hpp pedals and someone likes the more industrial he pedals. Someone wants certain colors and most have some kind of combination of features they want...

In the end if you want just speed the most basic pedal set out there is fast enough for world record pace. So on some level it is emotional choice as well. But in the end it is a similar choice as with dd wheels and rigs. It is likely a part that lasts as long as you keep sim racing. But not something you need. Once you venture into the high end things don't make sense anymore from price perspective. Whether the wave italys cost 1000 or 2000 doesn't really make much difference. They are too expensive any way ;). But for someone it might be just what they want.
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Apr 10, 2018
The price is too high simply because - it's for PLAYING games -

However, if it was for my IRL Racing car, it would pass better.