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Bjarne Hansen

Jan 7, 2015
Found the Disc set for Race On in my storage room. Have not had it installed for years.
For some reason I picked or got a Race 07 bundle on Steam without Race on.
The disc's was molded and had to go through several steps to make them work!
Like makes the two disc's into iso's and copy them with 7Z to the HD.
It would not see the disc in the dvd drive ether.
Not sure if that was due to the disc condition or Win 10 issues with older disc protection?
Found a No-dvd hack online that worked great.

Find it works better than my offline ERace 07/ Evo?
With better I mean the 08 tracks looks much better than the 07 versions guess they are similar to the 10 tracks.
The track lighting isn't great but easy to change.
For some reason I also feel the FFB is better on Race On .exe and less texture flicking on tracks.?
Not sure if that is placebo effects or not?

It also able to change the FOV to lower and higher settings.
I often run Race 07 in VR mainly with Tridef VR and first test for me shows it runs smoother than the Race 07 steam version.

Have not been able to find older versions of XD! Looking for version 2.1.4
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