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Race #3, Malaysia: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. David Dominguez

    David Dominguez

    Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Ika Tsitsilashvili

    Ika Tsitsilashvili

    i lost conection by sever bilion times then cant make quali time cos server again droped my after thet on race again lost copnection whats wrong on fsr server dont understand i hawe great conection didnt losting before damnit training super much end get thes ****!
  3. David Dominguez

    David Dominguez

    It seems we are having some problems with the race server ... sorry for the people who had a conection lost ...
  4. Benjamin Chong

    Benjamin Chong

    Q1 Was good I think I was P2

    Q2 Was not so good. I believe i was on track for pole but again i mis-hift down for some reason and I was off pole by just 2 tenths. Disappointed cause I was way off where I know I could be.

    Race: Good start off the line but was unable to make up any positions. Was behind Pagoto most of the race. I think top 2 guys had disconnections. Unlucky for them. From then on I was 2nd and had the earliest pitstop. Could had made up a lot of time but unfortunately there was a car with old tyres ahead of me and overtake was not so easy cause I had pretty bad top speed. Towards the end I went on super save mode again, first letting Eduard pass without much resistance and then BenP passed me down the straights as well. I figured it was better to give up the positions even if it was a podium and get as much points as possible. Luckily I did that. Towards the end I was just hoping Tim Brook wasn't going to catch me. Had just enough to floor i for the final lap. Finished the race with barely enough engine again. Blew it in the in lap haha. Finished 4th is not bad, best result of the season.

    See you guys in China!
  5. Edgar Herrero

    Edgar Herrero

    Q1: Not good for me... got DC while doing a good lap... P19

    Q2: null :tongue:

    R: Good start overtaking 5 cars, from P19 to P14, nice start. Then all the race the same, overtakings, pitstop... (a strange thing happened in the pits, dunno who, had the same pit as me...?) Finally P8 after all :)
  6. Anamichi


    Q1: I was not as quick as i aspected, but i find the top 10 position
    Q2: Made a mistake exit of turn 2 and i qualify just in 8, but i was on hard so i was confident for the race.

    R: A problem of another guys relegated me around p15, i lost a lot of time behind herrero and some other guys beacouse overtaking was very dangerous to try. At the middle of the race i saw my engine going to be in trouble :p I tried to do my best to conserve it but nothing.. it gives up at the end of the last lap. Congrats to all guys on track, specially at my friend Pagato that made a great race and also to Gracia that gave me a lot of fun with our battle at the end of the race :D

    Alessandro Puoti
  7. Joona Lappaenen

    Joona Lappaenen

    PQ: An average lap I think it was around 31.5ish so I was pretty sure that would be enough to go through, which it was as I was around a second faster than needed. Nothing special here.

    Q1: I started off with a decent 31.4 so I was pretty happy with that and decided that I´ll just risk it a little bit on my latter runs. That paid off as I drove a 31.0 which gave me a reasonable P15. Considering this is my 2nd raceweekend ever here, being 3 tenths off Q2 and 9 tenths off pole in Q1 is definitely not a bad result. In a perfect world I could have pulled a faster lap but nothing to complane.

    R: My start was okay, I lost a couple of positions as I decided to take it carefully on the 1st lap. I didn´t wanna ruin my race straight away with trying to be overly agressive. I felt quicker than the pack in front of me so I thought my pace was going to be more than okay. Especially in S2 I was flying compared to the cars in front of me. 2nd lap is where it all went to the ****ter as in the hairpin I was driving right behind somenoe on the better line to get out of the corner.

    Philipp Puschke was a little in front on my left side and he decided to cut into the hairpin very overly optimistic and hit someone causing a chain reaction where I drove into him and damaged my engine (30% off of life), my left and right suspension and lost my front wing completily. Then someone also hit me from behind so I had minor damage to my rear wing.

    After nursing my car into the pits and getting a new front wing, I went through the first few laps just trying how well the car would run. It felt kinda okay so I tried pushing a little bit, but then we realised that my engine was not going to last unless I took it safe. So most of the race I was just saving my engine. After my pitsstop I was right behind Vicentijevic and I was a little quicker. He we then had to pit so I got in front him in around P16. We decided on going for another pitstop since there was about 30 second gap to him already but I lost the car in T3 and spun and the gap recuded to about 15 seconds. Went on to pit anyway and ended up 5 seconds behind him. With fresher tires I had a much quicker pace and I was gaining him by around a second per lap. As I had to let people lap me and fight for a position, I tried letting people go past without as little lost time as possible. That cost me as I got a drivethru penalty for not letting someone pass quick enough. After that I lost hope and decided to just cruise. P13 with people DNF´ing so atleast we got some points out of all this.

    Hopefully next week I´ll get to race a clean weekend without incidents so we get to see what we´re really capable off. Congrats to the winners and too bad for Mark with technical difficulties. He would´ve fought for the win today =(
  8. Mark Aalberts

    Mark Aalberts

    Not much to say other then that laying p2 and then have a CTD.... good points waisted story of my live. Everytime something happens, this time it was a CTD. Happy to be up to pace again suprised pole should have been easy 2nd or mayby a win. But if it stays going like this i will call it a day, hopefuly next race will be trouble free final try. xD
  9. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    third in a row.. this time disconnection strikes me in pq midlap after i had just 1 lap with some fuel and race radiator/dutch... well hopefully ill have my good race finally in china
  10. Ben Phillips

    Ben Phillips

    I got disconnected in Q1 rejoined and managed to rush a lap in order to set a time as drivers were dropping like flies. 30.5xx which wasnt very good but ok for q2.
    In Q2 i was up in sector 1 lost it in sector 2 with a slide and a double upshift and was fastest in sector 3...so if i would have nailed my sector 2 imsure i would have been higher than p6.

    formation lap: lined up on the grid and the others at the back to such a long time to line up my tires were 59 degrees.
    race start got away well didnt make any positions but positioned my car very well for turn 1 and 2...but inbetween turn 1 and 2 i needed to accelerate to show my intention to the attacker behind....but my car snapped on me and i ended up on the outside of turn 2 facing the wrong way!!!. rejoined around p16 check my LCD and mallorqui was only 4 places behind me!!! I knew we had very similar race pace! So i knew at that point it was going to be a eventfull race.
    I followed some drivers early in the first 5 laps and desided that this is the time where i save engine and fuel. luckily they were lapping fast enough for me to keep sight of p5. But then they started fighting and slowing the pack i was in, so i chose to attack and get in front. I over took Petar and Teo first then 2 other drivers, Then i latched onto the back of Tim Brook. He was driving fast enough to keep an eye on Ben Chong so at first i didnt interupt our pace, Then i started to see Ben was pulling out a few tenths a lap...so i attacked Tim which took me about 3 laps or more to get a good run at him.
    Then i went after Chong and was pulling him in quite fast. Then he went to pits, I thought about covering him off but checked the LCD and he was in slow traffic, i desided to stay out to avoid it and pit when the slower drivers had stopped.
    This turned out to be bad as i lost out in the stops to Brook and Mallorqui.
    After my stop i had it all to do again, first up was tim brook, Took me again a few laps to pass^^ once through i had my team mate infront and we we matching times in the mid 32's and was catching ben chong and the leader pagoto.
    Edu got to Chong and passed him...then he smelt victory or something because he went crazy lol i saw his lap times flashing up on my lcd 31.8!!! My best times were 32.1's so some how the boy was getting much more out of the car than i could!!! I caught Ben Chong and passed him with a few laps to go. pulled a 3 secs gap then saved the brakes to the finish.

    Good to be on the podium and sorry for mark and juhani who was out
    front when got disconnected! its happened to me before anbd sucks!

    If it wasnt for me spinning on 1st lap!!! who knows!!!If guys didnt get disconnected then it would prob have been the same result?.
  11. Danni Fugl

    Danni Fugl

    sad sad sad. didnt make it to g1 and with no g2 the weekend was over
  12. Petar Brljak

    Petar Brljak

    I'm happy with my race weekend but it wasn't trouble free...

    In Pre-Q i got a decent lap which got me comfortably in G1... then in Q1 again got a fairly decent lap and made it into Q2, despite even being a bit slower than pre-Q. In Q2 of course i had to run with the harder compound and just didn't manage to put any heat in my tires and I spun out of turn 2, i think i could have taken p5 max but 10th was ok.

    I didn't get such a good start, was too careful into 1st corner and dropped to 13th but some drivers we're coliding a bit into turn 2 so i got back even 5 places round the outside... my first stint was horrible, the car had no grip, i was miles off in S2 and was constantly missing my braking points and apexes. I was holding up a lot of people with such driving and when i slipped down 3 places i calmed down and was matching Teo's pace. Then my pit crew wasn't rdy in time and my pit stop lasted for 9 seconds instad of 4 and i lost 2 places through the stops, I was fighting with David G. and just as I was gonna pass him into t1 he touched me a little bit just enough for me to spin and again lose 2 places. But the whole 2nd stint I felt much more comfortable with the car and was able to catch those guys again and make a couple of passes before i went back to fighting with David again... With 3 laps to go i was on his tail and his engine started smoking and blew up into flames right in front of me lol... Then I had a little bit of fun with the car and did a 32:5 which was good, but I messed it up in the 1st part of the race... otherwise I could have maybe challenged Ivar :)

    In the end a nice 7th place which actually would have been 9th if it weren't for those disconnections... real bad luck guys :(

    I hope Mark finally has a good race in China :D
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