Race #18, Abu Dhabi: Post race discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Stefan Kanitz, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. Stefan Kanitz

    Stefan Kanitz

    Discuss here as long as it is within the rules.
  2. Benjamin Chong

    Benjamin Chong

    Disaster of a race for me. Couldn't concentrate at all these past few days. Tapped Kevin on the back slightly but was enough for him to lose control. I'm really sorry for that.

    That woke me up a bit and I start getting into a rythm but then my mind wondered elsewhere and I crashed again losing front wing. Pitted for hards hopefully to go all the way but it was very slippery. Crashed again and had suspension damaged.

    Just wanna say congrats to everyone, especially the champ pedro and Stefan for such excellent work this year.
  3. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    Well it was very fun first season in fsr.
    This race i was on my absolutely best form ever but too bad car wasnt there with me since just ben and me (very little) worked on it
    Q: i was bit slower than pb as always
    Race: took benjamin in start and some guys having issues so i was in 5th all race but couldnt keep up with ben since he was abit better all the time, after pitstops i remembered that i had no idea about engine life so i turned it on ''safemode'' and drove like i never drove before but it wasnt enough to keep those 2 frikkin fast guys behind so ended up 6th.
    so now its time for official thanks round:
    THANK YOU: Jermaine and Clayton for taking me to team, Roald and Jermaine for making Roaldo Redspeed happen
    Ben, Jan, Norbert, Fredrik, Mathieu, Clayton and Andreas for all help with improving me as driver and setups
    and then ofcourse Stefan for being director for races and all who made broadcasts happen and everybody who helped FSR even abit.
    Special thanks: Alberto for providing me great fights all season
  4. Mark Aalberts

    Mark Aalberts

    Good race, it was verry close at the front and the speed differences where verry small. I just made some small mistakes that costed me the win i think. I was running higher wing then others so it was crucial at the start to be in front and hoping to have a little gap when entering the 2 straights, but it didnt came this far as Ben took the lead from first corner onwards. After that it was verry frustating, could keep up on the straights with him and in the corner section i was catching up on him everytime and he was slowing me down there so this was verry frustating. I tried to pressure him and put him into a mistake but that didnt realy worked out and then after 10 laps or something i touched him at the back of the track in a slow corner section and we both slid of the track handing Pedro the lead.

    Anyway after that i decided to catch up and pretty much stay behind him till the pitstop, well i made a error when going into pit missed the entrance and had to go for another lap this costed me some time. Then 2nd atempt i got into the pit but missed my slot aparantly and the timing said 8 secs tyres so this costed me a lot of time.

    After that the car was pretty ok again despit having left front suspension damage i could close the 6 sec gap to Ben in the final stage of this race. But then i discoverd that i was most likely to short on fuel so with one lap to go i decided to take it easy and short shifting till the finish with only 1L left crossing the line.

    It was a great season, involved in loads of fights and towards the end of the season i managed to solve some problems that i had with this mod. Would like to thank all the FSR crew members well done and especialy Dennis for making it a nice season well done and cya next year i hope ^^
  5. Kevin Brents

    Kevin Brents

    I was pretty tired after a long day yesterday, I ended up loading the wrong setup for Qual and it was over a second slower then the one I wanted to run. I should've noticed but I thought it was just me being tired still.

    Start was probably my best although I didnt gain much it just went really smooth. Rode around first couple laps to see how the set was compared to the guys around me, saw a opening and went by Benjamin. He tapped me just enough off the first turn so that it threw the car off balance when I started to get back on the gas and it went around, just a racing deal in my opinion I should've known to wait a bit longer for the rear end to straighten out more.
    Overall Im quite disappointed I loaded the wrong set I really think I could've ran top 5.
  6. Chris Knight

    Chris Knight

    only got net back properly a few days ago and did some testing I knew I wouldnt be fast or even probably not finish this track being so slippery didnt help the fact.

    quali i was just glad to finish a lap spent the rest testing fuel settings

    race was real slow off the line for some reason. caught people up and tapped someones rear sorry for that. lost front wing and front right suspension was damaged got to the pit changed wing came out last and then car was not very driveable and tapped wall again and quit the race.

    long season and most of it sent on s2 and sometimes not finishing races not by my mistakes. hopefully next season will be much better dont know if I will be racing for my own team or try to join another depends on the team mate situation as im fedup of guys joining and leaving without saying.

    hope to see you all next season, congrats pedro and thankyou stefan for looking after us and dennis for running it all
  7. Eduard Mallorquí

    Eduard Mallorquí

    Good race today.
    The worst moment of the race was when I entered the server. Kanitz tell me that I must start from the pitlane. I thought my race was lost but not, for lucky :)
    I did the qualy for enjoy and I did my first Pole of the season, my best qualyfing when I must start from the pitlane...
    Anyway I started the race and the first lap I was +40.823 seconds behind the leader. I try to do my best every lap and I has the best race pace of the grid. Finally I was 3rd in a fantastic race for me and I'm really happy because today I'm fastest guy in the track.
    In the other hand, thanks for everybody to do this Championship, the race director of WT, Stefan Kanitz, my boss Pedro Rodrigues and David Dominguez for the oportunity to drive with Racing Factory. I enjoy a lot my first season at FSR and I learn a lot of my mistakes.

    PD: And I met Alberto De Juan :p

    See you in 2011. :)
  8. Alberto De Juan

    Alberto De Juan

    thx to ALL FSR ADMINS awesome job! THX! THX! well done :) without you this isnot posible thx again!!!!!!!
  9. Ben Phillips

    Ben Phillips

    I have been struggling here all week, i developed a setup which was quite good but it now appears it had too much wing!
    Q i set a p/b at the last second!! Started p7

    the race.... I got away well over took 1 guy who's launch control seemed to fail?
    Then i followed ivan for a lap or 2 and got past into the hairpin! I knew he would own me on the straights if i did not stay close to pedro, so i hung onto pedro for about 6 laps staying within .6 but as soon as the fresh tyre advantage was over he had better pace and i fell back! Ivan had troubles so i saw mallorqui setting fastest laps and knew he would threaten my race near the end so i was covering him and sami and all was working ok, but i did some calculations after my first stop and realised i had not got enough fuel to finish the race so i was boost 1 and trying to save everything for the battle which was about to happen with msllorqui!
    I tried to defend but his speed on the straight was too much for me!
    So p4 which is good and p5 in the championship which too was good!!!
    Shame i missed the first 3 rounds!!!
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