Race #14, Italy: Post-Race Discussion

Lee Morris

Aug 13, 2009
Great Qualifying... was suprised when i joined that no one was n the 20's and my best was a 20.7 so i knew i could realy go for pole..

Unfortunatly due to getting in late from work i had no time to test so i could not realy max my lap.. managed p5 which was good !

Race had a good start was looking for 4th at beginning when i got hit by hirrle 2 times in 2 laps which ruined my suspension and car pulled to right so i lost all my pace, unfortunatly i think hirrle was also hit by tali on one occasion which caused him to hit me.. so race ruined again after a good start and to top it all off the lagg got worse every lap in race... then bang disconnected.. i looked at broadcast and lagg can be seen on there too so its high time someone did smething about this lagg as it is BEYOND a joke now..

I will get a line test done beforet he next race to make 100 % sure but i did a quick test after race and get grade b and 1 on speedtest.
May 4, 2010

Qual: P12 with 21.3, pretty much what I expected.


Took a careful start and was battling for P10 on lap 4 or 5. I'm not sure who it was but when I went for a pass on the start-finishline they moved over on me and I lost my FW.

After that I was about 35 seconds behind the people in front and just tried to do my maximum. I didn't have anyone to give me a slipstream so I had to save a lot of engine during the whole race basicly.

I thought I had a chance to catch the group battling for the final points when my G25 double-downshifted in to Lesmo 1, rearend spun away and the engine broke when I hit the barriers.

R.I.P. Shoya Tomizawa