Race #10, Britain: Post-Race Discussion

Apology to you Rietveld, i got confused where you would stop, and then you stood there longer than me, seems you had some damage to repair???

Anyway didn't expect it and avoided just slightly too late. Hope the damage wasn't too bad, Screwed it up myself this time, very hectic fight in this hot weather, good luck to those who finish in this heatwave.
Awesome race !!

Erm Karim, you didn't touch me I believe lol. I had some front wing damage which you didn't cause ;)
Anyways, I was aiming for a top 5 finish in my first FSR race in the WS class.
The qualy went pretty good I thought that I had pole but at the last moment Jack Keigly ( Sry if I spell ur name wrong lolz ) grabbed the pole away. My start wasn't good, lost a place. Allthough everything went fine for the first couple of laps. I had a really tough battle going on with Jack, Cyril and Mattias. It was clean and hard, that's how I like it ! My first pitstop was pretty bad, I had some frontwing damage so I stood 9 sec in the pits instead of 3 After the pitstops I had to push hard to come back at p3 but it worked. 2nd stop went well and came home in 3rd !

I'm really happy with this result and I'm looking forward to the next race !
I also wanna say thanks to my team who gave me the setups.


Had a great Q session and nabbed my first ever FSR pole away from Jeff at the last second - timing win :p

The race was going great as well - led the first couple of laps and then started to conserve the car for later, but out of Luffield on lap 4 or 5 understeered a tiny bit wide and then it just spun out on me and at the time i was really surprised at how this happened. However, after taking a look at my replay my rear wing kinda gets knocked off just before i spin, so obviously very disappointed to get wrecked out in consecutive races.

Having said that we still have a lot of positives to take with us for next race - the team worked really hard on the car and came up with a very competetive package that we can build on that for next time and come away with some good points hopefully.
What a crazy race.

Awful quali for myself but had a flyer of a start and was up to 13th before I knew it. Was having some great battles in the field until a back marker stopped dead on the racing line taking my front wing off.

From there I just tried to look after the tyres. Pitted with a few laps to go and took the fastest lap ;)

All fun
Well was boring because i had a massive brake problem, it was sticking in about 10-20% basically all the time. I was probably lapping 1 second slower then what i could be capable of. Not just that i didn't even really test maybe about 80 laps or so, so all i did was finish the race even though i got involved in 2 crashes which were pretty fustraiting. But it's great my new team-mate Jeffrey did a fantastic job on debut!
Enjoyed the first 10 laps, amazing fights between Jeffrey Rietveld and many other drivers, fair and clean, thank you. Congrats to the podium :)
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