Race #08, Canada: Race Post Discussion

Thank You Mr.Vicentijevic...You are a Great Driver here in the FSR....!!!!
The best Destruction Derby Driver!!!

Regards Ralf
I spotted that incident Ralf, after the first hit i think because when i caugh up to you there was smoke pouring out your rear.

Appologies to Benjamin Chong on lap 6 or 7, lost sight of you when i was going down the inside of De Piccolo and locked my brakes up, totally my fault there.

Another frustrating race for me
Big appologize for the accident in final shicane. I don´t know who I hit there. I braked very late, too late, but the car I was hitting I didn´t see ...only in the last sec before I hit him it appeared...very strange. But never the less it was to late braking from my side and I am sorry for hitting that car.

Very frustrating after such a good quali. :(
+1 Ralf that incident with him cost me damage and a possible 3rd place.. But 4th overall from 6th so im happy..Thanks to the n2o I got fitted on my car :D
yes martin you was lucky you had low wings!!!! i thought i had 1 more lap to pass you so i didnt turn boost up,

My qual was terrible but heyho!!
race was ok but i was managing my tyre to much in the first part of the 2nd stint! that allowed martin to close up and with his rediculouse straight line speed i had no defence!

5th is ok
was expecting more!
Qually: My FFb felt off and I was really pissed, not finding my key for reset FFB ^^

Race: Start, was ok, but someone crazy guy without FW scared my ass off in corner 2... really bad move there. Had some suspension dmg, and rearwing damage. Lucky, they repaired it in pit. After that I was much faster and the fight with Eduard Mallorqui was really nice. Unfortunately I had no grip on the last corner and spun it, luckily not hitting the wall, but stalled the engine... grrrr ^^ I had the pace for much more than that... but ok, still learning.

Cu@ Valencia.
Qualifying wasnt pb but good position for me
Race Got some good bumps in lap 1 and after that i was in 3way battle for position with allrace car and Alberto it was good fun but after early pitstop from me i couldnt see them anywhere so i was just cruising till finish untill i noticed i was catching up guy infront so ofcourse i started to push more and more untill i was 1.5 or so behind then i spun and had to pit for front wing and few laps later i spun again so found my self behind few guys witch put me under pressure again and i was gaining alot till my engine just blew up for no real reason but well it was pretty fun race what a shame that had no luck in our team and good job Ben for getting some serious points for us but also gj Martin for keeping him behind
NP Craig.

Very unlucky weekend. Put in a lot of laps for this Gp and was hoping to do well. Missed qualifying cause i wanted too long to join the server. I only waited a bit longer cause I thought that Grid 2 was going on. But oh well, bad luck. Back of the grid wasn't too bad. I could see everything that goes on.. hehe

Bad start. The car had good acceleration but the car ahead of me was very slow off the line. Used launch control but and to lift immediately and spun my tyres when I got on the power again. Manage to avoid any colissions that happened. At that point, things weren't too bad. I had the pace to battle with the cars around me but I kept making mistakes. First race in a long time and I guess I was kinda nervous. Unfortunately Craig make his mistake on lap 6 and crashed into me. Np dude. Anyways pitted for a new rear wing and repair damage, which cost over 30 seconds.

Carried on, had a very unfortunate incident in lap 9 i think. I was following Vicentijevic very closely into T4 cause I wanted to overtake him. I THOUGHT I had enough room but SOMEHOW i didn't and we crashed. I checked the replay and there was quite a gap. I sent him flying into the wall. (Very sorry, I really didn't mean to.) I think there was some slight lag involved cause my wing was completely undamaged.

I planned to go the whole race with those set of tyres from lap 6 because i was closing in on Brent who was 54 secs away. I was only just 2 seconds short when he pitted and stayed ahead of me. The tyres were really worn and it was very slippery. Finally I lost it at lap 43 and pitted for a new wing.

End result: 15th. Unlucky, but I learned a lot this weekend and very positive for the next race.
Finally some points.
At the prequalify i made a 1.15.8, so i was in for the qualify.
Something strange happend there, Ben was complaining in the prequalify about grip problems in the first 3 corners.
I had in the qualify the same problem, every time i needed to go back to the pit and restart witch costed me a lot of time.
Must be a bugg, i dont now.
So i could not do much laps, 18é place at the grid.
Made a good start and avoided several collisions, including my teamy. Was at 15 place after a few laps with a good pace.
Climbed up during the race untill pos. 10, a few laps before my pit i made a spinn and lost my front wing, lost there 4 places back.
With fresh tires i was able to clime back at 12 position, with Sami just in front of me, he blew up his engine and from then one i pushed as hard as possible, catching up on johannes Kunkel.
For several laps we had a hard battle but in the end i could make a gap and my 10é position was secured.
Long time i had a good race without problems.
I managed to finally nail my q lap here due to some personal preference changes.I got pole position with a decent lap lap abit of my pb but great anyway.
The race start was frantic as usual but i scathed through with some damage to the rear of my car.The first stint I had to push crazily to have decent speed considering my damage.I opened a gap of 2seconds to my teamate before the pit stop of lap 24/25.I came out of the pits looking to use my new tyres to good use but unfortunately backmarkers ruined this but I was still 2 seconds ahead.I was again in the next few laps blocked by backmarkers which alllowed my teamate to close the gap down and soon Pedro overtook me.From here i just got my head down and eventually passed him on the outside of the chicane.From here the last few laps I just pushed even harder to keep my lead and eventually take the win.
I spotted that incident Ralf, after the first hit i think because when i caugh up to you there was smoke pouring out your rear.
Not this Incident that you see, i mean....you must seeing as i drove in the Haarpin.....Teidy can say what i mean.....!!!
What you think, why my Car smoking?

Great race for once :p
Qualfiying - Set a pb 14:7 but was only enough for 6th but that was my best of the season.
Race - 4th was not my limit 3rd could of been possible if I didnt have minor problems..Start was fine lost one place but on the main straight flew by Nillson for 5th and soon after got Ben.. The two Roaldo guys was on by back for 100% of the race I had a minor incident with backmarker who didnt move at all. I pitted which was 6 seconds more than normal due to damage. Came out pits and had a few fights with Nilson hope I didnt cause his crash, then set my sights on Ben but had boost 2 only but managed to get ahead and stay there. Great race with Roaldo guys loved it
Qualifying: Extremely disappointing. First, for some reason I start the session with all aids ON, and it takes me a whole flying lap to realize this. My next two runs were spoiled either by traffic or incidents. I set my "safety lap" with only 3 minutes left in the session! Then I only had one run left and it was an OK lap, but could be A LOT better. Overall, I don't know how I ended up with the aids being on at the start of the session, but that cost me one VITAL run.

Race: Starting p4 from the grid, I knew I had to get past Andreas Nilsson and then concentrate on holding the pace of the Precisions. With a little bit of hard work, I was able to get past Nilsson in turn 2 at the start, in a very nice maneuver. I tried holding the pace of the Precisions for a few laps, but I saw that I was clearly no match for them. I literally went to cruise mode at like lap 10 and just tried to manage the gap behind me. The race got pretty boring from that point and I just brought the car home in 3rd, 30 seconds behind the Precisions and with a 12 second gap behind me. The truth is that I wasn't pushing to the maximum after lap 10, because there was no point. If I was on the edge for the whole gp (and risk spinning and ruining my chances of a podium), I could have finished only maybe 10-15 seconds behind Precision; but in the end, a third place is a third place, regardless of how far you finish off of the leader.

Overall: Third place is the maximum we could have achieved today. Next race is Valencia, which is a track I find very boring. We will try to get the best out of the car there as well.
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