Race 07 - STCC 1 - How to make "stand-alone" Volvo S60?

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  1. Patcha


    Hi all!
    I'm new here and need your help.
    I'll make a couple of OT premises in quote tags, so you can jump them if not interested. :)

    Now we finally go to the point.

    I'm trying to make a "stand-alone" Volvo S60 (R) street version starting from Race 07's DLC "STCC - The Game" (the first) model.

    Up to now, using your website guide "Race_07_Car_Skinning_Tutorial" I was just able to make base textures, testing them by creating a new STCC team in the "CustomSkins" folder.

    But what I wanna do, is a separated and dedicated "Car category" similar to the way it works for Audi R8 and other cars.

    And it would be already great enough. But after this I wouldn't dislike to be able to personalize 3D model (remove back spoiler and raising set-up height) if possible. If necessary some sounds (I still didn't decide). And preferably some car's performance (maybe slower shift speed, lower tires grip or similar).

    About customize 3D, years ago, when I was accustomed to customize GTR 2002, there was a program named Z-modeler, which was free to use and enough powerfull to manage games' 3D models. There is something similar now, free to use?

    Can you help me on doing all these stuffs?

    - Make a separated Volvo S60 car from STCC Championship (and from original Volvo S60), in a new dedicated in-game category (like for Audi R8)
    - Customize 3D car model details
    - Customize sounds (if needed)
    - Customize car's performances (after separating it from STCC championship original car)

    Here two perviews on texture I made: