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Race #03, China: Post-Race Discussion

Im sorry for Jim and Patrick, was my fault, never pretended to have contacts with them.

Today I've paid my few experience on WC, I hope for next race I learn of this.
Qualy: Not bad lap in Q1, but too slow in Q2, anyway, starting 9º was good.

Race: Tried to pass first corners without crashing, but Keithley hit my rear and I spun, fortunately I hadn't damage but I lost many places.One lap later was behind Marcel, he made a little mistake and I couldn't avoid contact. Sorry for Marcel and especially Eros, I destroyed his race and mine too. Feel so frustrated...

Congrats to Morgan, nice job mate! Thanks to Dian to give me this opportunity, hope to have other one in another GP and take away this bad race of my mind, because I think could have taken a good result today.
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Qualifying: Q1 was ok despite not having the speed in S2, Q2 was very bad, S1/3 was solid but I went wide on entry to the double left costing me 4 tenths and I started 8th.

Race: Start was standard and no contacts which was good, going to turn 3 I out braked Kalamees for P7, and a few laps later I managed to pass Brljak, ahead Martin and Parisis had a coming together and this put me in P4. I decided to take the hard tire for the 2nd stint which was a mistake as it was overall slower and I had to let my team mates Petar and Jim to pass as they were on alternate strategy although this cost me a few seconds but I managed to keep Kalamees behind until the stops, unfortunately I made a mistake missing my box costing me 4 seconds or so, I also killed my front left tire in this stint. The last stint was nicest for me but I couldn't get close enough to Kalamees, P5 is good but could of been better without a mistake in Q2 and another in the race.
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Q1 - bad lap which gave me 12th place.

R - Started normally, managed to take the inner line for Turn 1 and unfortunately we touched with Greco, I don't know who was in fault there, I already apologized to him, never wanted to have a contact with anybody, I think the cold tires was the reason for that and the primes. I spun and few guys hitted me, after that I continued but with damaged nose and was very understeery. Tried to forget what happened and pushed the car to the limit, but doing 43-44 wasn't enough for top 10. I made another spin with the new softs and destroyed them early. Last laps catched Kolarec who pitted 2 laps earlier than me and last lap was obviously faster than him, I managed to attack him from outside of the hairpin where he took the defansive line, at last turn I was from inside line and apex to the corner he was from outside, but he cutted the corner like I wasn't there. I didn't care for that 12th position, but was good after all problems to have some good fight with someone, but unfortunately had an incident. Grats to Morgan for another one fantastic drive, I'm looking to the next round, all bad races for me are over, and hope to start on clean from Imola. :p