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DiRT Rally 2.0 Question for Dirt Rally 2.0 users


There was one issue with Dirt Rally 1.0 setup that hoping was fixed in DR2.

Can you now map the enter key to a button box or steering wheel without any issues forgetting your configuration etc?

In DR1 none of the control mappings take place until after you press enter from the keyboard at the beginning.

It also forgets your configuration if you accidentally start it up without your wheelbase powered up. Then it defaults to keyboard mode. (I've gotten really good at reconfiguring all the controls quickly and have been much more careful to have everything connected and turned on before I start the game.

Also if there is some kind of fix for this in DR1, I would love to hear it.

I love the product, but I really wish I could make better use of my button box.
in the game folder\input\actionmaps
There are xml files. Isn't there one where your button box bindings are saved? Maybe try putting a couple to read only, it should stop the game from overwriting your bindings?
You could even make a file for your buttonbox with the usb id or something.
If you want to open one of the files, use open with notepad.
I can't help you any more specific, i'm afraid
Sometimes i forget to plug wheel before starting the game and found that out on start of stage. No worries, when wheel is plugged in game recognises it, changes into wheel mode and informs player about it.

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