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Question about three different problems with ACC

ACC is running very well on my PC (Ryzen7, 1080ti) even in VR (Rift S), I find is a great program that I often use, but I have some minor problems with it and wanted to ask if that's just me, or if others have the same problems:

1. When a race is over and the ceremony and time schedule etc. opens, the FFB gets one or two impulses and hits back badly (SC2)

2. When I quit the program, it often does not quit entirely but is stuck in a screen (garage view), and I have to end it manually/brutally via task manager

3. Sometimes I have to watch the opening scene in its entire length despite pressing the mouse button, sometimes pressing the mouse button skips it.

Did any of you experience the same problems? Is there a way to solve one or the other, except waiting for an update?
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1. I rarely play single-player so can't comment
2. Yes although I can end it buy pressing control and tab to get to the Steam page and press stop
3. I don't have that but I do get an unresponsive UI in VR and have to go in and back out of screens to get a button to respond


1) Don't have issues like that, make sure that DOR in TD and game match, and may be try setting DI (DirectInput Effect) Damper to 0% in TD
2) Happen to me a few times, I just hit Alt-F4 to close window.
3) I think it happens if ACC mirror does not have active focus. I usually execute VR Center as soon as as garage shows up, that centers view and makes controls active in game right away allowing to skip cutscene. I just mapped Ctrl-Space in VoiceAttack so I don't even have to reach for keyboard, but you can also map it to wheel button.
1.) I didn't encounter this so far (SC2Pro)
2.) Not happened for me so far
3.) I don't think I encountered that...not sure tho.