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Public servers

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Nathan Aljoe, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. Nathan Aljoe

    Nathan Aljoe

    There was a thread somewhere around here about shocking driving on public servers and how best to make sure you dont get taken out.

    I believe i have found a formidable solution!

    ... Don't bother qualifying.

    Honest it works!

    You are dead last to start with BUT all the morons and unlucky front row sitters start ahead of you. Race starts, your in last, lights go green, of we go, first corner, bish bash bosh, your in the top 10 out of 25!


    Those ten infront will probably make a mistake between the start and the finish bumping you up to a unhindered 5 possibly higher.

    I've tried this a few times and it must be said that it is a more reliable way of having an incident free race than qualifying on the front rows.

    Let me know how you get on.
  2. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    RaceDepartment Technical Administrator Staff Premium

  3. Simon Trendell

    Simon Trendell

    Or, qualify on the front row in the BMW. Your into T1 & away :)
  4. Alen Pecanin

    Alen Pecanin

    I've tried it too. I start like 20th position, and then u see a huge crash in the first corner, and then u just drive and drive and dont care about the people on the grass, whoops and Im 6-8 at end of the first round
  5. Nathan Aljoe

    Nathan Aljoe

    Lol, i know! Its ridicules aint it. I enjoy racing on public servers soooo much more now that i dont qual.
  6. Bob Luneski

    Bob Luneski

    Agreed. In 3 races I qualified in last night, I was taken out by someone behind me all 3 times(at least once was intentional). Another race I failed to note that the damage sensitivity was off. People would drop out and then park waiting for someone to lap them so they can pull out and wreak them.

    I started noticing people coming in very late and not qualifying. So I tried it. In the two races I joined late and started at the back of the pack, I successfully avoided the turn 1 demolition derby and had enjoyable races.

    While an effective strategy, the necessity is the reason RD and other clubs exist.
  7. Jamie Ralfs

    Jamie Ralfs

    First time I tried this method, after reading this thread on here by Nathan, I tried it out, and got a podium finish.
    It works better on tracks like Monza and Zandvoort, when the first corner is hard braking, such as a shicane, or a hairpin.
    However, it is a bit harder for this strategy to come off on the street circuits.
    For example, when I tried racing on Macau, the roads are much narrower, and have solid barriers either side. So when I raced, when qualified last, the crash that happened, blocked the road, and ended up involving I think all but 8 cars. The language that people used in that situation... but understandable I suppose.

  8. Hayden Walker

    Hayden Walker

    yeh public servers are terrible if u wnt ti be a idiot do it with ai instead of wrecking our fun
  9. Sebastian Huba

    Sebastian Huba

    That's not the best solution. You use brakes before T1 and then someone hit your back. Safer is starting from end of grid. Couple of days ago I started WTCC at Macau on public sewer. I was last on grid but after 3 laps I move to P1.
  10. Lee Downham

    Lee Downham

    Only problem with this "start at the back" theory is that overtaking can be tricky and dangerous what with all the barging and weaving and stuff people do on public servers when you go to overtake legitimately.
    I'll stick to RD servers thanks :D
  11. Tom Blackett

    Tom Blackett

    I agree
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