Public online races (I need help)

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Riesig, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. Riesig


    So I've tried playing online again after getting a grip in the mechanics.
    Here's the thing, it's like a baptism of fire.

    I'm Grosjean, everybody's Grosjean! And I always get the short end of the stick.

    How do you drive "better"?
    I got to rank :inlove:00 on the TT leaderboards, and I can race intermediate AI without any assists easily.

    Should I :
    A.) Find a server that's near. (Because I live in the Philippines and my only hopes are Aus and German Steam locations)

    B.) Play the game, in Legendary difficulty

    C,) Rage quit, realize I'm never for F1 2012

    Oh, last thing, what's EQUAL? Okay, equal performances, but how equal? This bugs me constantly while racing, leading to some anticlimactic sudden loss of traction while turning (even though I have confidence I could make it, car decides to spin around)
  2. Tom

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    I wouldn't bother going online before having the pace to follow Legend AI around the track. It'd be frustrating to play online rightaway since AI will always be slower than human players, this way you're at least prepared. :)
  3. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    Race on legendary and then race in grand prix mode or RD racing club races.

    After a few races I was in top 350 for online sprints and now about 700 as more people have bought the game (pc). it's generally an artificial ranking for a number of reasons. I won my first legendary race the other day, so i'm not too bad. but in sprints, guys just boot you off the track. so many times i've been up there and had to avoid people who charged me from behind. same on xbox f1 2011. also, some issues had with connections. disconnected the other day when winning at spa. you gotta expect these issues with sprint mode because it's often played by little boys who can't/won't driver properly.

    grand prix mode is a little better but the most professional races are with the guys on here.
    so practise offline, win on legendary and then get online

    p.s. tt mode has a different feel to most modes as it's extra light fuel and i believe, still better grip (as in f1 2011) but don't quote me on that ;-)
  4. Sam Eaton

    Sam Eaton

    If you feel you're off the pace online, I'd suggest using some of the Racedepartment setups and getting comfortable with them. Setups alone often knock a couple of seconds off a lap time. And other than that it's all about practice.

    I mainly race sprint online (Flitting between rank 3rd-5th) and you get a lot of rammers, but you can find good lobbies. Add clean racers you meet online and invite them to play when you can. Stay out of trouble in the first few corners and then race your race.

    Feel free to add me if you want to race, I like to think I'm as clean as possible. Although time difference may be an issue!

    Steam: Lewis Samilton
  5. Riesig


    I think pace isn't really that much of an issue but rather race craft.

    Yeah, the AI is much more forgiving, giving you priority (sorta) when making a pass.
    When it's online against other people, everybody wants to squeeze that tight Monaco corner, to get the best possible apex (because they turned on the racing line :p), stuff like that.

    And I'm one of them as well, leading to some horrible DNFs.
  6. Demy van Zoggel

    Demy van Zoggel

    Online is horrible if u ask me, and thats not only because of how codemasters build it, it's also because of the way people play online. I've got a couple of reasons for that.

    -If a guy wants to overtake you, he can't wait till he is close enough. He just rams you off the track because he brakes to late.
    -When you overtake someone, most of the times the guy cant handle it and he tries to take you off.
    -Lappers smash you
    -Netcode mess

    Im trying to race leagues now, at least people race fair there! =D
  7. ENDR


    One way to deal with rammers is to slow down before a corner, let them pass you and just take it as you normally would, while the idiot tries to dig his way out of the gravel :roflmao:
    And in first corners of a race - the same thing: let them go and lose their wings in multi-car pileups, while you casually go around the wreckage :sneaky:
  8. Dmitry Zaharov

    Dmitry Zaharov

    Netcode is really poor. Look at this:
    Compare 2 videos:

    So basically you can't even position yourself to overtake properly in many cases because what you see is not what other guys see.
  9. flukey


    The netcode is ruining online play and that goes for many leagues.

    See here, and please add....

    Bad news though and it doesn't look like this will be fixed anytime soon!!!

    Its amazing that in today's gaming world which is leaning more to online play that CM cant get it right even with the move across to steam!!!

    Being able to run Dedicated servers would have been nice like they have for others online games within steam!!!