Profile extension with "myRig"?


Jan 7, 2017
Hi forum,

I don't know if this was discussed before, but I thought that another way of improving on the uniqueness of this platform would be to extend the user profiles with a "myRig" section.

I've seen a similar thing for computers in general (e.g. but not including simracing equipment. Seeing discussions on hardware and software settings in so many topics, I think it would be beneficial if users could post their setup and settings in their profile. You could just point to them any time settings or setup is discussed. Most users do not change their setup weekly, so the effort to keep it up to date should be minimal for users.
Maybe include the possibility to add 3-5 pictures to showcase your setup (as an addition to "Show your Cockpit").

I would think of e.g.
  • Computer components incl. Monitor
  • SimRig (Cockpit, base, wheel, pedals, etc.)
  • Driver settings
  • Games settings
Some of these (i.e. settings) could be done with screenshots to keep it simple.
Others could be done with form fields.

What do you think? Makes sense or just frills?
What does the RD Staff think about this? Feasible?

Cheers, Rob