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Problem Fanaleds - CSW V2


Nov 4, 2014
Hello together,

since I got the Fanatec CSW V2, "Fanaleds" is not working anymore. Together with this, the automatic wheel range adjustment is also not working anymore in the game, so I need to tweak it everytime I change the car.

Is this a known issue with the CSW V2? Does anyone has the same problem?

My CSW V2 arrived when the rFactor 2 build 906 was released, so I don't know if that maybe causes the problem.

Thanks in advance :)
Feb 4, 2012
Have you tried to reinstall it and have you made sure, that the plugin is located in bin64/plugins or bin32/plugins and that you have the respective 32 or 64Bit plugin in these folders?

In the past I used SliMaxManager, which worked fine. I found Fanaleds always a bit annoying to work with (ok SliMaxManager isnt much better in that regard). But I am not using the display on my CSW anymore.