Press Conferences using TS3

Hi guys,

I'd like to ask the top-3 AutoGP WC drivers, after every race, to hop on the FSR TeamSpeak 3 server for conducting a press conference.
The server details are here.

Also, anyone else is welcome to join, that being outside-top-3 drivers, managers, spectators.

Please take this seriously, as it can improve the quality of the broadcasts quite a bit.

This is of course the same for the World Series and the World Trophy divisions.
Remember, all WC teams have an own channel (with a password) that is available for use during the race or any other time 24/7.

+1000 to everything Dennis has just said. I absolutely couldn't agree more. The more people that we can get on the broadcast, the more authentic it can be, so please try to help out if you can. I have the MSNs of most team managers, but if I am missing anyone, please add me at vanio_kal@yahoo . com. Of course, anyone can ask me questions as always about the broadcasts or other things.
Just a thought, i know it's more work but one time while we waited for the drivers to come on to Team Speak you guys played the national anthem of the race winner's country and showed the flag on the screen.

Thought it looked better than a mouse pointer moving around the screen and the announcer telling us to wait until they got some drivers on Team Speak.

Phil Estrada


Mower of Lawns
Not a bad idea Phillip. I could provide a set of videos of waving flags for the broadcast team, and national anthems aren't exactly hard to find.
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