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    Precision Motorsports secures the constructors championship after victory at Suzuka.

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    World Series
    The World Series qualifying proved to be extremely close, with Jernej Simoncic on pole and Jack Keithley third, only a tenth of off pole. Cyril Werdmuller made it into the top 10 as 8th and Fred Gosling settled for 12th.

    The start kept the formation processional, but on lap 2 second qualified Ivar Kalamees ran wide in turn 1, allowing Jack to take P2. After no change in order during the first pit stops, Jack was able to extend his second stint to overtake Simoncic during the second pit stops and take the lead of the race. The joy was however short-lasted, as the Briton was forced to do a stop-and-go moments later for speeding in the pit lane.

    The third stint saw Jack having an intense battle with his main championship rival Philipp Puschke. After some questionable defence moves, Jack was eventually able to pass Puschke into the pits. The joy was again short-lasted, as running wide in Degner 2 saw a coming together between the two cars. Luckily this resulted in no significant damage for Jack, who was able to cruise the rest of the race home in third place. Cyril finished a busy race in 8th place and Fred in 15th.

    The result meant that Jack is ever closer to secure the championship, now carrying a 93-point lead with 3 races to go.

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    World Championship
    Bono Huis continued where he left at Nürburgring in qualifying, once again making a stunning lap to finish 3 tenths ahead of second-placed Patrick De Wit. Jack Keithley yet again impressed in WC to start from third.

    At the start Jack was able to pass De Wit for second, but the double lead only lasted a lap after which Jeffrey Rietveld took second. It soon became evident that Bono again had the pace to control the race as he would wish, leaving no drama for the spectators to witness. Both Bono and Jack drove intelligently through the race, executing the 4-stop strategy to perfection. Towards the end of the race, however, it became clear that Jack could not finish third, due to his ambitions to continue racing in the World Series. This forced the Briton to gift third place to Morgan Morand in the final corner, but this in no way shadowed his excellent drive of the day.

    The 1-4 finish secured Precision its third constructors' championship in a row and the first championship of the year. WC victory number 31 also secured Bono an even stronger lead in the he drivers' championship, where he is now 57 points ahead of Morand. This means that the championship is at stakes in Korea, where the FSR circus continues in the following weekend.

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    Bono Huis commented:
    "This was a perfect weekend for me, we really found a good setup these last few races. We made a big step in the championship again, looking forward to Korea."

    Jack Keithley commented:
    "Quali - It went well and was very please to be on 2nd row
    Race - got a very good start and got passed Patrick just before entering T1 and then tried to stick with Bono but thats like oil sticking to teflon so concentrated on running my own pace and getting the best result i could, so that also meant not fighting Jeffrey too hard as he was running faster than me but I could also see I was quicker than the guys behind him so I just settled into 3rd and stuck with the plan.
    After the excitement of T1 though the rest was fairly uneventful as I was just waiting to see where I could finish and due to position changes down the field in the las few laps I had to concede the last podium spot to Morgan but still very please with my finish.
    Huge thanks to the team for the hard work and support and for the oppertunity to drive in WC, cya in Korea!"

    Team Owner Johannes Kunkel commented:
    "A great weekend for us once again. Securing the World Championship and World Series Constructors title with 3 races to go. The team worked hard and we struggled a lot during this season and more then in the previous years it was the car which gave us the most headaches, but we managed to sort it out and in the last rounds we have been able to show the true performance of our car. I would like to congratulate and thank everyone in the team for their work during this year, without everyone here it wouldn´t have been possible to secure 3 Constructors Championships in the last 3 years, setting a Benchmark for all future teams to compete against. But the season isn´t over yet, and both Drivers Championships are yet to be decided, possibly already in the next race in Korea."

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