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Precision Motorsports season review

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Precision Motorsports, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. Precision Motorsports

    Precision Motorsports


    Before the year changes it's time to dive back to where it all started and summarize the unforgettable 2010 season in words.


    2010 - starting the third full season of Precision Motorsports in FSR and only one goal: victories and championships. After all, the team had done the homework well in winter, securing contracts with new drivers including Bono Huis, the most potential kid in the sim racing market since the days of Joshua Lyon, Ronny Hähnel, Germany's quickest asset, and John-Eric SaxÈn, a proven veteran in the FSR field. Added upon that the contract extensions of Jaakko Mikkonen, Mattias Stahre and Rasmus Tali, the team was clearly ready for its best ever season. But winning would nonetheless be challenging as names like Bruno Marques and David Greco were back to fight for the grand prize - the AutoGP single-seater test day.

    The preseason tests would tell as much about the relative team performances as number 42 of the universe: no hint of who would be the quickest. But as Sunday 7th of March approached its evening, the truth would start to unveil in the first qualifying session. On the tight and narrow Bahrain track, Bono Huis would take the pole position with almost three tenths of a second of margin - over his team-mate Hähnel. The race provided no doubts of the winner: Huis with a ten-second margin and Rasmus Tali assisting with a third place. The opening challenge had been laid.

    To read the full season review follow this link

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