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    Precision Motorsports and Bono Huis secures the 2012 FSR World Championship title at Yeongam, Korea.

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    World Series
    Jack Keithley set the pace in qualifying, taking his third pole of the season by a 1-tenth margin to Ivar Kalamees. Fred Gosling qualified in the top 10, starting in 7th, and Cyril Werdmuller as 13th.

    The first lap saw some wheel-to-wheel racing between Jack and Kalemees, which eventually ended in favour of Kalamees. In the first stint the duo remained within close distance, but with both drivers pitting at the same lap, no change of order took place. After showing solid pace throughout the first stint, Jack was forced to slow down somewhat in order to manage an engine problem. This saw the Briton's pace drop within reach from Kalamees, but nevertheless he was in a stable second place.

    With the final stints seeing no change of order, Jack finished second which meant that finishing the next race at Abu Dhabi will be enough to crown the Briton the World Series title. Fred Gosling finished in a solid 7th place and Cyril Werdmuller in 12th.

    World Championship
    World Championship saw a surprising qualifying session, as Ivar Kalamees and Dian Kostadinov sealed the front row in the absence of Morgan Morand and Bono Huis, who decided to start from the back of the grid into this race, bearing in mind that the Dutch driver's championship was virtually secured.

    Bono was on the move from the early moments on, overtaking 6 cars on the opening lap and another 5 cars in the next 4 laps, including Gergo Baldi and Patrick De Wit. After the first pit stops, Bono was already lying in a net 6th place. With further brilliant overtakes of Yannick Lapchin and Philipp Puschke, it was clear that the Dutch was challenging for top 3 once again. Meanwhile Cyril Werdmuller, driving the other PrM-005 car in WC this time, had an unlucky end towards his race. Having caught damage due to a spinning Zoltan Csuti, Cyril encountered a problem during his pit stop which left to a retirement.

    Bono's pace continued strong in the third stint, passing De Wit for the second time and second placed Rasmus Tali a couple of laps later. This gave Huis a net second position, with Kalamees ahead having built a gap of 15 seconds. Despite Bono charging through his final stints, Kalamees was able to keep the necessary lead and finished 7 seconds ahead of Bono, who secured his third straight World Championship thanks to the result (as the only FSR driver besides Bruno Marques). The team wants to congratulate Bono for his phenomenal achievement but hopes that the remaining two rounds will bring further great racing moments despite the already secured championship.

    Bono Huis commented:
    "Not the best way to win a championship, with Morgan not racing I was champion before the race already. I'll take it anyway, ofcourse very happy to win my third championship in a row. Thanks to the team for these last 3 years!
    So I started at the back and I was lucky to make it through turn 1 with Aalberts spinning infront of me. Overtaking is only possible in sector 1 here so I was stuck a lot in sector 2 and 3 which cost me a lot of time to the leaders. In the end I got P2, the maximum possible I think. Ivar had superb pace, congratulations to him for his first win."

    Jack Keithley commented:
    "After my disappointing display at Suzuka I was really happy to get the pole and finish in 2nd place. The team put together a really good car and I was very happy with it but Ivar was just too good and in terms of the championship it was still a very good day as the points lead grew bigger.
    Now we have to focus on Abu Dhabi and hopefully we can get a good result there."

    Team Manager Ondrej Kuncman commented:
    "I think the results this year speak for themselves. Bono out of 12 races made next to no mistakes, with an exception of 1 minor incident and 1 poor qualifying lap. Considering the very limited testing efforts during the season the results make him one of the greatest drivers in the history of FSR, alongside Bruno Marques and Roy Kolbe. It hasn't obviously been the easiest season in the WC, after all most of us in Precision Motorsports have been in FSR and on the top since 2006/2007 so to keep the effort and motivation through the entire season is probably the biggest challenge. Nevertheless I would like to thank the whole team for the effort that allowed us to win both WC drivers and constructors championships, but special thanks goes to Jack Keithley for his extremely hard work during the season. Now to complete our season's goals - winning all championships in WS and WC, we have to make sure to get a trouble-free race with Jack in Abu Dhabi and get ready for the 2013 season."

    Team Owner Johannes Kunkel commented:
    "Big Congratulations to Bono, taking his 3rd consecutive World Championship. For sure it would have been nicer to have the decider with his biggest oponent during the year, but the circumstances didnĀ“t allow it. Bono worked on a very economical basis this year, only testing as much as needed to get the results and quite often even we were surprised by the pace he managed to pull off like that. Of course we still have to stay focused to help Jack secure his Championship in the next race, and preparations for 2013 have already begun."

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