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    Johannes Kunkel

    Precision exits FSR Montreal with a fantastic WC result in bag after a somewhat troublesome WS race.

    World Series
    Saturday saw a difficult start, as only Jeffrey Rietveld managed to reach top 10, starting from second row of the grid. After a good start, Rietveld was able to improve a position, whereas the race of Cyril Werdmuller ended prematurely due to suspension damage. After several tough battles Rietveld eventually brought his car home on the same place as he started, 4th. David Martinez finished in a good 5th place for Mak-Corp Racing after climbing plenty of positions. Precision Motorsports maintained the drivers championship lead and a 64-point lead in the constructors championship despite the somewhat lackluster weekend.

    The World Championship race started in a better fashion, as Mak-Corp Racing's Mikko Puumalainen was able to secure his first WC pole of career, just finishing ahead of championship leader Bono Huis and his team-mate Jaakko Mikkonen.

    After a clean start, Huis quickly returned in his usual position by overtaking Puumalainen on the back straight. It soon became evident that Huis was running a two-stop strategy as opposed to Puumalainen's one stop, the same being the case for Mikkonen. With the race progressing cleanly, the second stops would decide a lot. Despite a quick stop, Huis exited a couple of seconds behind Puumalainen. With newer and softer tires, the Dutchman was able to charge and quickly reeled in the gap. At lap 58 Huis finally managed to make the move, overtaking Puumalainen on the outside this time.

    After a fantastic show, Huis finished in his 8th win of 8th races, equaling the record of consecutive wins set by Bruno Marques during seasons 2007-2008. A brilliant drive from Puumalainen saw the Finn take his best WC result, finishing in second. Mikkonen finished just behind Lee Morris in fourth, further extending the lead of Precision Motorsports in the constructors championship. Rasmus Tali retired after a crash on lap 48.


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Bono Huis (1st) commented:
    "Qualifying went reasonable, I did an OK lap in Q2, quite surprised though seeing Mikko on pole knowing his strategy. Fortunately I could pass him in the 1st lap, I needed to build a gap asap to make my 2 stop strategy work. Obviously stopping once more than the rest means I have to do some passing on the track which is always risky but I think I did some nice moves. After my 2nd stop I was catching Mikko, there's not much he could do with worn tyres, although he didn't make it easy for me. 8 wins out of 8 races! This has been an incredible season so far for me."

    Mikko Puumalainen (2nd) commented:
    "Q1: P3 with 13.265, solidly inside the top 10
    Q2: P1 with 13.765, a very surprising result considering I knew the strategies of Bono & Jaakko beforehand.
    Starting from pole was great, first time in WC but I had some experiences in the lower divisions in 2008 and 2009.
    Unfortunately the joy didn't last very long, before the first 3 laps were complete, I was down to 4th. For sure this is one area in my driving which I should improve in case I find myself starting from pole in the future.
    After falling to 4th, I pretty much knew that Bono would win the race, since he was able to build a good gap before his first stop.
    I pushed as hard as possible, resulting in a few mistakes but I believe I did a good race regardless.
    After Bono's 2nd pitstop he was 4 seconds behind me, closing very fast. Like I mentioned before, I didn't believe I could hold him up for the last ~20 laps. A few laps after catching me, he was ahead and after that it was just about cruising to the end.
    Congrats to Bono and Lee for his return to the podium."

    Jaakko Mikkonen (4th) commented:
    "Qualifying was a bit poor. I guess I was just being too cautious when I saw others weren't driving any proper times.
    I lost one position at start to Greco. Mainly because that outside line for T1 is really good and I didn't want to risk it too much there. Couple of laps later I passed Puumalainen. I actually thought he had some damage as he was driving so slowly, but eventually he upped his pace again.
    During the race I was quite worried about my brake wear. My previous race nearly ended in a disaster after massively higher brake wear than I had predicted. I drove now quite carefully just to be sure brakes will last. During later laps I started pushing again harder as I started to feel confident that the brakes will last this time. Too bad it was too late and I couldn't catch Morris to have any kind of fight for that place."

    Team manager Ondrej Kuncman commented:
    "It has been an eventuful weekend. The struggle in World Series unfortunately wasn't really reverted, but the plan is still to win both titles in WS and we will do all we can in our power to do so. On the other hand, World Championship brought excellent results. Mikko drove the race of his life and set an amazing pole position, Bono as always flawlessly executed a different strategy. Jaakko was a bit unlucky in the first stage of the race with traffic, else he would have been on the podium too. So 3rd year in a row we have cars finishing on 1 2 in Canada. Now onto Silverstone, where Bono will attempt to create history by winning from the last position on the grid. Nothing is impossible."

    To follow the progress of the team during the season, make sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter.

    Precision Motorsports Press
    Official Press Release
    written by John-Eric Saxen
  2. Lee Morris

    Lee Morris

    Well done guys and thanks Mikko - Congrats to Bono and Lee for his return to the podium."
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