PRE CAREER: Breaking News! SimJim to replace Haryanto at MRT

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  1. SimJim


    Questions from myself are underlined, otherwise I hope you enjoy the tongue and cheek nature of it...

    Greetings and welcome, to the Formula 1 2016 Season Preview.

    With Rio Haryanto's seat looking like an albeit impossible continuation and Esteban Ocon continuing with Mercedes in the WEC, a prized and rare Formula 1 drive has become available. Looking to fill those empty shoes and take a coveted F1 debut in 2016 is SimJim.

    SimJim is a wild card choice for any team in Formula 1. With little experience, crashing out in various other formulas included GT:6, PCars and NFS his motorsport career appears already rather tarnished. With some pre-season training in last years car and a new training regime he has assured any prospective team and management that he is "ready for this opportunity".

    With little interest in SimJim as a prospective racing talent there has been a lack of offers from the bigger teams, however MRT have been caught in a situation and SimJim has been able to secure further sponsorship from the likes of 'Stella Artois' and 'Rizla' (helmet design with this needed! Disco Stu - Oh YEAH!) to bring him into the team.

    When interviewed about this opportunity reporters asked how he is reflecting on this new future in motorsport?

    SJ: "So yeah, I was in town the other day and saw this opportunity became available and I thought, yeah alright, I can probably do that. I mean, I've crashed plenty of times in races before and I was assured by management that it isn't much different in F1. Then after that Massa fella chuffs off I'm leaving these MRT lot, then when I'm done with them I'm taking that Nico blokes place at Mercedes"

    And when questioned about the reasoning to join F1 at such a late stage?

    SJ: "Right mate, yeah, well I'm 28 now right, and to be honest I couldn't be bothered to do it before mainly because of time and scheduling my smoking and drinking career. But now yeah, I'm, like, totally ready to give it a craic. I've seen what them other decent drivers like Maldonado and that Kyvi-hat bloke did and I reckon I could do that too."

    And finally, on where he sees his debut race and debut season heading he is clearly reflecting on years gone by in Formula 1.

    SJ: "Look mate, right, I wanna be the only one to make it to the light (by block, block....blocking!) . Take it to the edge where I have died (and restarted/flashbacked) a thousand times. And maybe I could be the one, to ride into the setting sun tonight and just drive - which reminds me right, I'm late for tea, need to get back to me Mum's house."

    Manor have released the following statement about SimJim's future:

    "In keeping his 'career' to our liking we have decided on the following regime to keep SimJim in check (as he can be a particular nuisance);
    Manor, Ultimate AI (for reference on F1 '15 expert with reasonable pace - (legend?)), no assists, no flashbacks or restarts, G29 in the JimSim seat. 50% race distances - probably 100% for a few of his preferred circuits. We are bumping up the difficulty to ultimate as he is not a particularly strong sim racer and thought, although potentially frustrating for season 1 we will be able to see his development and it should keep him near the back of the grid where MRT should be.

    As we have been noticing recently there are various issues new talents have had crop up with the RnD system and their update path. There have been a few who have also started in the Manor and ended up at some point or another moving into a mid tier position with Manor by the first half of the season. Of course, this isn't particularly relative to the upgrades and development Manor have made. We are therefore looking to keep things as difficult as possible for SimJim (ultimate ai, no assists, limited previous experience remember). We have ended up with the LE edition of the game and the bonus RnD points which we will not be throwing straight at the car. For the time being we would like to, where possible follow Manor's actually upgrade path they have used in 2016(? help please?), however we are very much struggling to find that information."

    With pre-season preparations continuing, final adjustments of the racing seat and driving position underway, more strategy meetings than NATO and software which has not yet arrived to the factory, this should be an intense, tough and hazardous first season in Formula 1 for SimJim.

    Look out for our in depth analysis and keep up with SimJim after the opening race in Melbourne, happening sometime next week...!

    Hope someone else enjoyed reading this :poop: and if so let me know and I will continue on once I get a day off and can get everything set up and my first 18 hours in (scheduled with the wife already!).

    Cheers :thumbsup:
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  2. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
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    I started the same way ....... keep it up :p
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