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Practice tonight


If the server is still going tonight for the renault 3.5 I'll be online from about 8pm gmt for some practice If anyone fancies a blast. Mainly the bootcamp people as I guess everyone else will be sick of this track and car after the last week or so lol.

@Marc Beswick
@Cosimo Streppone
What an excellent session thanks to @David O'Reilly @Simon Christmann @Frank van Oeveren @Cosimo Streppone @Gijs van Elderen I've been gaming for 36 years and I don't think I've met such a knowledgeable bunch of people either on console or pc. You're a credit to your sim racing craft imo. Cheers and Merry Christmas :)

Its alway a pleasure if someone wants to learn something and you see some progress. There are many steps for you to go but you are on the right way. You just need patience and take step by step ;)
No master is fallen out of the skies :sneaky: