Porsche Taycan

Porsche have knocked this one out of the park. I even think it's one of the nicest looking cars Porsche has made to date.

Dougs driven some fast cars in his time, I didn't expect that reaction from the acceleration. I kind of thought car reviewers were getting used to electric acceleration. So the reactions by reviewers is kind of surprising.

Smoking tyre did one too.


United States
Agreed, especially considering Doug owns a 2006 Ford GT which is a pretty special car in it's own right.

I know a few people with Tesla's who all agree than every non-electric they have ever been in feels slow ( less responsive ). Obviously electrics don't have insane top speeds, but being able to just press the throttle at any speed and have instant top acceleration is new. No waiting for the gear to drop and the engine to hit peak power. You are at nearly peak torque all the time with electric.