Porsche 919 Hybrid - replica steering wheel


Hi Guys,

Showing off my latest project, The Porsche 919 Hybrid steering wheel :)

(All pictures are links to full sized ones)

It was based on this version:

Photos of the finished build:

Parts used:

- 6mm CNC cut CarbonFibre faceplate
- 4mm CNC cut CarbonFibre rearplate
- Plates connected by 4 M5 bolts/nuts

- 3d printed enclosure with red Porsche letters in Porsche font
- 3d printed handles
- 3d printed Button strips and cover and rotary dials (with 0.25 nozzle for extra detail)
- 15x NKK push buttons (with easily changable button color)
- 5x CTS rotary encoders
- USBD480 LCD display (Compatible met JRT/Z1/SimHub)
- 16 RGB Leds above the lcd screen, controllable with SimHub
- 6 pedals on the rear with 12x5 mm Neodymium magnets (for that nice snap-action feeling)
- Q1R quickrelease directly on the CF rearplate without the 50 of 70mm adapter plate in between
- Detachable (Coiled) usb cable with locking connector