Porsche 917K


Sep 15, 2008

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Realistic Modders inc.
Vehicle: 1970 Porsche 917K - Version 1.0
Platform: GT Legends
Date of release: July 23, 2009

The Porsche 917 made its first appearance in 1969. It was powered by
a Flat-12 engine. Originaly the 917's chassis was from the 908, but
strengthened and enlarged for the 12 cylinger engine with a displacement
of 4494cc.

In 1970, Porsche, with teams like Gulf-Wyer and Martini took 917 to a
new level of performance, stalking LeMans and sweeping the field 1-2-3.
Wyer's engineer John Horsmann had the idea to increase downforce at the
expense of drag. A new wedge-shaped tail was molded with aluminium sheets
taped together! This new short tail gave the 917 much needed stability.
The plastic engine intake cover had already been removed...

The new version was called 917K (Kurzheck).

RMi presents to the community our interpetation of the cars as they ran
in late 1969 through early 1971, featuring not only the original 4.5L but
also the big 630+hp 5.0L flat 12. These brutal racers are outfitted not
only in 4 and 5 speed versions, but also sport differing aerodynamic
treatments visualy matched to the cars. While trying to be as technicaly
accurate as possible, we are sure some specification do not match exactly
or are not realistic, this is either not intentional or was purposefully
tweaked to help with the final simulated driving experience.

Extract to your base GTL folder ( X:\GTL ). The final desination
should be X:\GTL\GameData\Teams\ExtraCars\Porsche_917k

model by Tyio
remodeling by R. Stratton
physics by RMi team members - D.Werner & R.Stratton
Bik and icons by Sunlap2, thanks Frank!
Skin contributions by HpiRacer and Hoskins

Tire slip curves based on SimBin/GTL Goodyears,
resized and highly modified by RMi.
Sounds by speedrsr with permission
Misc textures and bits courtesy of SimBin

We wish to thank everyone who stood by us through troubling times
and for the donations that kept us going. Big thanks to the beta testers.
Special thanks to Victor, Jan and Rainer
Download Link:


Glenn Morris

Mar 12, 2009
Bloody hell! Absolutely fantastic!

Imagine what a whole field of those monsters would be like!
Cars like this could be what bring people back to GTL too.:good:

Kyle Evers

Wish someone would make this car for rFactor. Only could find one of these for rFactor, and that is in the Le Mans 1970 mod, but the model isn't the best.

Ignacio Genta


I hope some day we can have the 1970 cars in this excellent platform.This 917 is awesome.Thank you!!!

Dana Ciul

Nov 28, 2009
I am a beginner at this program so please excuse my ignorance if this is a stupid question. I loaded the 917k and it runs beautifully. I was even surprised to find that the car is quite stable at high speeds unlike the early real ones. Trouble is, I don't have any engine sounds. How do I activate this?

It's fixed - just needed to put the two sound folders in the GTL/Gamedata/Sound folder.

Erling G-P

Hello all,

Have just returned to GTL after a long pause and found this car released. Downloaded it with much anticipation and unpacked it as per the instructions. However, I can find no trace of the car after starting the game. Having never had an 'ExtraCars' folder before, I tried for experiment's sake to copy the 'Porsche_917K' folder into the 'GTC-65' & 'GTC-TC-76' folders, but still can't see it.

Have looked around for a solution, but the few questions hinting at similar problem by others seems to have gone unanswered. Would be most grateful if someone could clarify what I'm obviously missing.

Best regards,

Bob Hutchins

May 21, 2008
Erling, what I tend to do with all mods & tracks is unpack them into a spare folder and not straight into the game. After doing this you will need to leave the 917 files in the ExtraCars folder and then just put this in the Teams folder and not into any of the other there. Then just place the two sound folders in the Sounds folder in the game and all should be fine. The car itself will then show in the FIA GTC-65 Class for reasons I can't fathom, then all you will need to do is buy the cars you want and away you go.