EU Porsche 917K @ Le Mans 1967 - Thu 13 Feb 2020


Feb 17, 2018
Hi Denis -

Please put me down as a "maybe" for this one. I just got my PC back from the shop one hour ago, so have had NO simming time in the past week. Right now I'm in the middle of testing everything out to see if it all still works. (So far, so good...).

In addition, I have NO time on this car or track at all. Call me a heretic, but LeMans (as a track) never really caught my interest. So, I'm not real familiar with the layout. Maybe I should have paid much closer attention when I saw the "Ford vs Ferrari" movie in November (which I thought was "just OK, not great").

So, I'll be there if I can get the car under some semblance of control and the track memorized.

With all that being said - a stable set-up (not necessarily fast) would go a long way in getting me there. Does anyone have one they're willing to share?

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David Commander

Nov 28, 2014
All the best combos kinda get your attention I reckon. I actually think the 917K is easier to drive than I was expecting. 200 mph Porsche from the 70s? I expected it to chew me up and spit me out, but seems driveable to me?
Nice choice Den.
Thanks for the rig test. May have to renew my membership!! Not been on here for a long time.
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