Poor luck overshadowed incredible pace of Eventa in Albert Park

Apr 6, 2014

Italy's star of Eventa Simracing Francesco Bigazzi was fastest in free practice, second in Q2, was running into Top 4 during the race in "Albert Park", but was hit from Dutch Patrick de Wit of Faster Than Speed and was unable to reach the end of the first round of FSR Season 2015.

Bigazzi, who made his debut in FSR and Eventa, demonstrated incredible speed during the course of the weekend and got everyone impressed with his driving skills.

He made a mistake in the penultimate corner of his lap in the Q2 and had to start from 9th on the grid but up until that moment he showed ultimate aggressiveness.

Francesco did a clean start and was able to go as high as 4th. he was keeping good pace and was closing on Parisis. He went trough the pits but after that he was hit by De Wit.

The FTS driver tried to overtake Biga in the last sector but that went horribly wrong and our man spun. He tried to return to the race but hit the wall and had to retire.

"The result is obviously not what we hoped for. We've already discussed the matter and I have no back thoughts in my mind anymore. Looking at the pace, I am extremely happy. First race in WC and I had the pace to fight for the top spots in every condition. I take blame for the mistake in Q2. The front row was within reach. The race was going well, we recoreved well and were still fighting for a podium. Malaysia is already next week, so we'll try to comeback even stronger", commented Eventa's star this weekend Francesco Bigazzi.

Bad luck occured in Dian Kostadinov's weekend as he was having strange problems with his computer on the eve of Q1. He was having strange FPS drops and was unable to take part. He came back for the Warmup but for safety reasons Eventa's leader decided to giveMike Partington a chance to start in the WC race.

Mike took the wheel from the back of the grid and was able to progress as far as 17th but he had to retire after touch with De Wit in the first lap.

"No points for Eventa in the first race of the season but everybody in the team showed incredible pace and it was just a matter of bad luck that stoped us from fighting for the podium and for the win. We took a lot of positives out of this race and we showed that we will be a force to be reckoned with this year. Solid start from our boys and I wish them clean race in Sepang", said Eventa founder and former Formula 1 commentator Trayan Sarafov.



In FSR ACE race of Australia Martin Hodas of Slovakia, driving for Lovell-Eventa Simracingwas our highest finish with 6th. He was followed by Eros Masciulli (Italy) in 7th for Eventa by Pescara SHS Ace.

Englishman Mike Partington of Lovell-Eventa Simracing showed incredible pace in Q1 where he was able to reach P2 in an incredibly close field. 15 drivers were seperated in just a second. Partington's top performance continued in Q2 where he was able to reach the 5th spot.

"I did not finish neither in Ace, nor in WC. No comment", said disappointed Partington.

Italy's Michael Francesconi of Eventa by Pescara SHS Ace was right in there at the top with Partington. Francesconi was third in Q1 and eight in Q2 and showed tremendous pace as well.

Finland's Ville Leppala driving for Eventa Simracing Ace, who was our last year's second driver in WC, was 15th on the grid due to bad traffic.

It was obvious that the three men were all capable of fighting for the top places in the race but were caught in a mass accident in the first lap and unfortunately had to retire.

"Considering i got asked 2 days before the race to standing for Victor Ivanov, I think I got up to pace pretty well with this new mod. Sadly, I dropped the ball in qualifying and made the race much harder for myself by starting from P15. I got a good start and climbed up to P10 until I got caught out by accident infront which I couldn't avoid. Sadly that was the end for my race" - Ville Leppala

Hodas and Masciulli kept it steady during the race and brought Eventa's first points of the season.

"I had a difficult race because I was a bit unlucky with traffic in qualy and I missed Q2 for just 0.007 sec. I did some little changes in the rear of the car in the last day and they didn't work, so I had horrible understeer during the race. P7 in the end, but the potential was so much better. Overall it was a positive weekend, but I still have to improve", were the words of Masciulli after the race.

Eventa Royalty showed incredible pace over that race weekend and is looking forward to a great battle in the next round!



In FSR PRO race of Australia Andrea Cannata of Eventa by Pescara SHS Pro finished a promising 7th place. Andrea started from 15th on the grid and made a solid run into the points. He kept it consistent and ran away from all the accidents on the track. Steady job from the Italian for the first race of this season. He tried to put it together during his preparations and obviously made it all together.

"Cannata was actually surprisingly strong. He's a great recruit of Eventa. It is very hard to find inexperienced guys who drive so consistently and composed. Great job by Andrea!", quote from Eventa Hall-of-Famer Lyubomir Stoyanov.


Next race is in Malaysia.

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