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Skins Polo wrc 2015 magneti marelli-(designed by me) 1.01

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mtbboy1993 updated Polo wrc 2015 magneti marelli-(designed by me) with a new update entry:

1.01 fixes plus added new skin...

update: 1.01
Because of some issues with the template i can't get the blue on front & and castrol edge logo on the rear door to to be straight

the update will include:
Added Castrol logo on both side on front bumper
changed folder name to Magneti-Marelli_14 & Magneti-Marelli_22
improved blue part near headlights onthe bumper
Corrected mistake with WSC start-bumber sticker
side logos bit smaller
Garret turbos (g in chargers now is not cut of by the door gap)
other mistakes corrected with the...

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