Please, help me to add custom skins for a driver

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  1. BlackGoku


    Hello guys, in rFactor we had the "Textures" menu where you could add custom skins and choose between them for the driver you wanted. I am making a F1 2012 mod for Automobilista and I can't add the helmets used in Monaco or Singapore for example because It doesn't let me choose the skins when I am in the main menu.

    I was thinking on how to fix this... and I tried to make a single .veh file for each skin, so it shows in the driver selection. My surprise was that your user interface just shows the driver name (the one who is in .rcd) instead of the description name like it has always been in GSC or rFactor. So... I had to copy and paste the talent files and edit them to change the driver name for each skin and also change it in the .veh

    My angry mode came when I could see that your user interface just lets me to see 5 drivers (5 .veh files) in the main menu, and if I add more it doesn't show in the user interface because it doesnt have space and it doesn't let me move up or down like rFactor allows.

    The question is: How can I make this to work? I don't want to loose all the good job I did with those skins because of a simple user interface, but I also don't have another user interface, so I am blocked.

    Please help me to fix this or give me a solution.

  2. Franklin Stegink

    Franklin Stegink

    You want to add extra helmets to choose from?

    Than you must make it in your upgrades.ini en choose anaother one in the showroom.
    I shall look for you.