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Please Help Me Choosing The Right Cockpit !

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Federico Strazzullo, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. Federico Strazzullo

    Federico Strazzullo

    Hi there,

    I'm an Assetto Corsa simracer and I have a recent Fanatec Wheel configuration with H-shifter. All the Fanatec gear I have is presented on their site.

    I need the final Fix for serious simracing with AC !
    Because with my gaming chair, even if it's comfortable for regular use, after, let's say, 25 laps of 2 min each (about an hour), I begin to feel real pain. It happened twice in a row during long races, so definitely, I think there's something missing. The wheel is attached to a table thanks to its table clamp.

    I've never had a simracing cockpit in my whole life, and I'm interested in FREX's SimCarMOTION for now. I'm checking every existing solution which doesn't reach prices for flying in outer space. It has to be a Full Motion cockpit, that is to say with actuators to translate every instant, that is to say while turning, riding kerbs, unevenness of the tracks, hitting walls and trees... etc.

    I did fitting out changes in my room to be prepared and to calculate the perimeter a simracing cockpit would occupy. Still, there is some furniture to be sorted out, but it's not big deal for now, as the middle of my room is free enough. The available dimensions are :

    Maximum length : 2m, if the cockpit is placed against my side wall. It is just a reference, because I would certainly need a triple display, so there would be an offsetting for the cockpit to let the left display border stand against the wall.

    Width : 1m ; 1,25m... It depends. I just need enough free room to walk. Let's say maximum width 1,25m.

    I'm waiting for your indications. I can send you pictures later of my room to let you see the current fitting out, so that we could discuss the best place for installing the right cockpit.

    Please direct me to another thread if the same question has been asked before in RD.

    Thanks all in advance :thumbsup:


    PS : Oh, I can't buy it in a single payment, so it's much preferable if the company allows financial solutions, such as payment by instalments for 6, 12 or 24 months for example.
  2. RaceWasGood


    You're not supposed to do that! :D (sorry mate, i'm useless here, but couldn't resist ;))
  3. Moxley6969


    Unless you want to spend 5-6k on Frexx gear (Frexx wont offer financing, at least not that im aware of), DIY is your solution. 3dof motion (NOT LIFT like Frexx) is roughly 1000-1500$ pending how good you are at sourcing the parts for a deal....there are whole forums dedicated to DIY motion and i Highly suggest you check them out before spending a Chunk o Change on a commercial unit.
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