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Playing saved replay, tyre color doesn't change

Hi, my first post here, so please be gentle. :)

Here's the scenario: I run a lap in the Ferrari SF70H on the supersoft tyre (SS), I press the ESC key and choose "replay" in the menu. The replay shows the correct red striped tyre color that I chose in the pits. Now, I start a new session just like previously, but this time I choose "exit" in the menu and end up in Content Manager, all good. I click the "replay" button, the replay starts, but now, the tyre color is yellow in the pits and doesn't change to red as it did previously. I've tried this with the RSSFH2021 car as well and the tyre stripe color defaults to white. No matter which tyre compiund I choose it always shows the default color. However, as noted previously, the chosen tyre compound color is shown correctly if I choose to replay without exiting the session.

Is this a limitation in AC itself or can it be solved somehow with CM? Thanks!

Content Manager version: 0.8.2245
CSP version: 1.60
TyresFX active: Yes.
No track/car/tyre mods used.