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Pitstops in rFactor

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by G-Kraft, Jun 7, 2009.

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  1. G-Kraft



    First...i have played this game for some months, and have aswell raced many offline races...but i do still have some major pitstop problems!

    I know how to refuel(i do change my pit-strategy in setups)...but how do i change tires?? in middle of the race when i most refuel, they dont change tires at the same time!(same problem with all F1 mods i played)..and if i set my car driven by AI they also have the same problem, first the fuel, and a lap later the tires..

    This whole procedure is WERY annoying! why is there no options where i can choose to get my tires changed at the same time as the fuel?!?!

    I have asked many people about this, and all come with different advices..still the problem remains.

  2. Greg Wyatt

    Greg Wyatt

    Depends on the mod.. Some mods allow the changing of tyres during a race and others don't..

    Now assuming you have mod that does you need to select your in game menu, default key from memory is 'Enter'.. Each time you press this key it will change the ingame menu from displaying Split Times, Top 5 (I think), Tyre Wear (thats the pic of the car where it shows green, orange & red) and finally one that displays the Pit info..

    This info is where you scroll down using the arrow keys to the tyre/s and using the right or left arrow will change from no change to change..

    Hope that helps..

    If your not seeing the ingame menu, then using your number keys will bring up the displays.. Think it is the number 5, could be 7.. Basically displays to the right of the Tacho.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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