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Alex Kyriak

Finally...I made my first proper pit lane (about bl00dy time!)

I used the method for track joining as shown by Piddy in one of his youtube videos (), to merge my pitlane track to my main track.

Question: when I drive across the transition I feel a small jolt in the wheel through the force feedback. Am I just not getting the surfaces aligned closely enough (I think they're pretty close together as it is right now...) or will I always feel this jolt using this technique?

Might SimEd be my friend in this task, to edit the mesh directly? Or does this create a new set of editing issues?

Has anyone who's been here/done that got any advice? Much appreciated. :)


Kris Vickers

Hardware Staff
The jolt is basically the car stepping up/down onto the track. Up shot is the gap is still too big and thats why you feel the jolt.

The method for geting the tracks alligned in BTB is not an ideal one, but you can get it pretty close with alot of patience and fiddling.

Failing that, get into some 3D software and do it poly by poly to get it spot on. Again, more fiddling about, but your garenteed to get it perfect that way.

Alex Kyriak

Cheers, Kris... still can't eradicate it completely but it'll do for the time being. Might have to give some 3d software a go.

Question regarding pitlanes: Where / how do I set the pitlane speed limit?

Erwin Greven

retired from this site.
You set the pitlane speed in the "yourtrack.gdb" file in your rFactor/gamedata/locations/yourtrack folder.


Hi I use another method, is to create another track pararell to the main track, then changing texture. to be honest I ve never done a "track joining"


Alex Kyriak

Mianiak, that is almost perfect :wink: my only problem is that I don't know how to make the textures align with the track - is there a way to manipulate the textures on the landscape (for example if I apply a road texture with edge lines on it)?

R Soul

Terrain textures are very hard to align. It might be better to use walls to create the painted lines. The same goes for the pit boxes. If you aren't sure what I mean, see the Walls - Marks on Track video on the BTB website. You could make a white line texture that quickly but smoothly fades away at the edges to make it look seamless, and do the same with pit boxes.

R Soul

Like everything, it depends. If you use another track, you'll have problems with overlapping polygons where it meets the main track*. If you use terrain for the ground and walls for the lines and markings, the track will join the pitlane seamlessly, and you get more flexibility with line placement because they don't have to follow the track, but you might also get flickering because the wall polygons will be just above the terrain polygons.

*That can be fixed with a bit of planning and with 3dSimed, but that's another piece of software that you have to buy, and not everyone is willing to do that.

Alex Kyriak

Soul, thanks - sorry, I misunderstood. You're suggesting to use the wall for the line itself. That's an interesting proposition. Will give that a test. Cheers.


What I do is once the track is finished I open it with simed and export that track(terrain) section as 3ds, then import it into blender and remap the texture, export as 3ds, open the 3ds in simed and export it back to gmt. I forgot to mention to make that piece of terrain a separate section.

It seems hard but it isn't really, once you do it for the first time its easy.

I'm not really good at making tutorials, but I took some screens.

[ED] lol, the attachments got mixed up back to front. start from the last one and go back :D


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