GTR2 Pistop epidemic

I am not sure I discovered this before, at least I can't remember.

The mod: BMW M1 Gr.4 byTrackaholics
The track: Bern (Swiss GP) by LaChub

Both qualifying sessions went without problems. But as soon as I start the race literally half the grid pits each lap. I followed a couple of cars for one lap, there were no collisons but still they went in. It seems like they are only getting fuel for one lap each time.
Have to try a different mod on the track to see if it the mod or the track is causing this. I drove a couple of races last week (different mods and/or tracks) with no problems.
Maybe someone had something like this before and knows a fix ?


For whatever reason it is the track. Different mod - same result. Have deleted the track. Still, if someone has any idea what may be the reason....
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You're right, it is. I didn't know this, I was only looking at the .gdb. Thanks.

How do I determine the right value? I checked a couple tracks and they have values of 30-55k.
I read somewhere there should be a ratio of 16 times the tracks length in meters (a 3000m track should have 48000 f.e.). None of the tracks I have installed has that so I tried it on one of them (Castle Combe). AI did exactly the one pit stop that was necessary do finish the race and I had no DNFs for cars running out of fuel. There seems to be something to it. I will try this on another track.