Released Perth Street Circuit v1.3

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  1. Kurt Stenberg

    Kurt Stenberg

    Perth Street Circuit v1.3 by :RSM:Yaystenny

    Created from Scratch by :RSM:Yaystenny using Bob's Track Builder, 3DSimEd v3, Google Earth, Photoshop CS5 and Google Sketchup 8

    Here is a street circuit based around the river and city of Perth.
    The track was designed by me and is based off real life roads and has been made as accurately as i can with my basic skills.
    If there ever was a street race in Perth, I belief this would be an awesome (but impractical) design around the streets of Perth.

    The Short track was designed for V8 Supercars but is well suited to Cars that like curbs and some Open Wheelers.
    The Longer track was designed more for F1's, Indy cars, Enduro Cars but can still be run in V8's and other mods.

    I'd Like to thank Floydie, Carr and other :RSM: members for testing the track in many different mods.

    Special Thanks to :RSM: for being an awesome clan, To Outlaws Racing, RSM, JFF, FDG, Ausfactor and others for producing the Australian Community Skin Pack which is featured in the video.

    For Permission to convert or modify please email me at I Will be converting the track to RF2 Shortly.
    I Do give permission for anyone to modify the video screens by replacing the videoscreens.bik file as long as its for PERSONAL or LEAGUE use only!!!!!!

    Known Issues:

    1. Video Screens Flicker
    2. AI Can crash at turn 1 lap 1 and can also crash hitting curbs to hard.
    3. Pitlane is Bumpy (Working as Intended)

    For Anymore Issues Please contact me.


  2. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven
    retired from this site.

    Too many camera's and at the wrong positions.