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Misc Performance mod, workaround mod for making fuel and ers a non issue 1.0

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KrazyLurt submitted a new resource:

Performance mod, workaround mod for making fuel and ers a non issue - Performance mod

In short, race with rich fuel performance in high ERS mode performance along with the A.I.
The result: makes the game and racing a whole much more fun!!!

Regarding fuel, I edited the values so that lean, normal and rich have the same performance as rich, but still the original fuel drain. I do this so I still can drain or save fuel if I want. I start the race with the default fuel load and choose rich because I think that is what the A.I. does, and it means (in theory) that I and the AI...

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Hey there, very nice and useful mod! . I have a question tho, is it possible to do some tweaks on tyre wear? Cause tyre usage in 50% races is huge, and starting races with 30% wear and 50% after 2 or 3 laps is annoying as hell...
I'm pretty sure we can reduce the wear by this 2 lines, tyres front AND rears:
<UpgradeWearFactor value="1" op="*" />
Because the upgrade line has it as:
<UpgradeWearFactor value="0.8" op="*" />
Which should be 20% less tyre wear.

50% less wear should be this:
<UpgradeWearFactor value="0.5" op="*" />

And no tyre wear this:
<UpgradeWearFactor value="0" op="*" />

But I haven't tried it so I couldn't say for sure