PC Build for Sim Racing

Dec 30, 2019
I'm currently running an iMac with a 3.8 GHz four core i5 and Radeon Pro 580 with 8 GB. It's plenty good enough to run AC with all the settings maxed out at 1080 and with most settings maxed out at 1440 (on the 5k, 60 MHz monitor).

The more I get into sim racing, the more I want a dedicated gaming PC, if only so I can use the iMac without always rebooting. So I'm looking for some opinions on the specs for a sim. racing PC (which I'll probably also used for flight sims). Requirements:
  • Faster that what I have (duh).
  • Able to run most demanding current race sims at 1080 or 1440, probably starting with a 27 in. single monitor but able to support a future wide screen setup (I'll probably never to to a triple setup).
  • Is a high refresh monitor a must-have?
  • Enough headroom to last a few years.

Miguel Batista

Jun 2, 2011
If it is for sim racing alone, I would go with something like this:

I would go for an ultra wide screen too (what I am using besides VR).

Mind you, this intel gen is a dead space in terms of upgrade path. So either wait for next one or going AMD could be the longer term solution.
The GPU was a decent RX5700XT as it is the best bang 4 buck offering right now. You can go with a 2070 Super for a bit more (they are around 450 for the cheapest models now) and it will give you more performance especially in VR. For wide screen, the extra 10% in performance is not worth the extra 70 pounds imho. You can also downgrade CPU to an i5-9600K and not lose a lot of performance since it also OCs to about 5GHz.

If you wish to go AMD, something like this:

Bit cheaper and you can use the same socket for future processors. Mind you the motherboard was kind of a "seems good" offering. You can get more out of certain motherboards with better VRMs as they provide a better overclock. Gamer Nexus has an excellent run down of the best Ryzen 3 motherboards at different price points. Worth a look.

This is without knowing a budget. If you can spend more, you can get more and all those caveats but the law of diminishing returns hits hard. Next best GPU is about 200 pounds more and it will give a not so good performance boost but if you have the cash, why not?