Panacea 2.0 - A Salve for the Alarmists

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Carl Abrams II, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Carl Abrams II

    Carl Abrams II

    Most here speak softly. Issues with 2.0 or iRacing in general are simply stated or questioned and then discussed in an open manner. I hope it stays that way.

    In other forums, iRacing's own in particular, it appears the concensus is that he who uses the most caps lock the most times will get the help he needs. I hope here does not follow that trend.

    I might be talking out of my backside since I have no NTM cars, nor do I have any of the new 2.0 content, but things seem pretty good overall. I guess I don't understand some of the things I've read, from iRacing now being garbage, to demand for restitution for all the hours of setups lost, to the NTM "not working" simply because people aren't driving it right. Let's take a step back, shall we?

    "The NTM is junk." Indeed, there are/were some official bugs. Although I'm kind of new to iR, I've been following it for awhile. One thing you have to hand to these guys, they do not throw out garbage just to get it out, and if an issue is found after release, they're sure not going to leave it, and you, hanging. Look how far it's come, from a few cars and a few tracks with pretty steep prices, no cautions, no repair...all got fixed. Be patient, fixes will come. It sure as hell beats the console's new policy of releasing what are esentially beta games to be fixed later via patches (if at all).

    "THAT'S NOT REAL!!" - This one's my favorite. Where to even begin, it gets thrown around so often. I guess to encompass all complaints of this nature - No. It Is Not Real. Why? Because it's not, well, real. But, it does a damn good job at replicating reality, and not all "unreal" aspects of iR are bad. As I wrote in another post, the SK's and Tour are pretty delicate in iR, much more so than their real world counterparts. But, while it can be frustrating when mild contact changes your car, it ends up having the same effect as SR and keeps the racing clean. In my race last night fighting in the top 3 and stuck behind a slower car, I probably would've gave him the chrome horn with a tough car. He'd probably wreck, maybe take me too, and any of the 4 or so cars that were somewhere close. I was a 4.70 D, what do I care about a 4X? But the Mods are fragile, and what ensued was lap after lap of a heart pounding tight rope walk on the edge of control that was more fun than some of the real world racing experiences I've had. That experience was the direct result of the lamented "unreality". As I've found with issues of this nature, really think about what's wrong and how wrong it is. Some "mistakes" have hidden treasures inside.

    Setups - This one took the cake. Someone was actually demanding money back now that his setups no longer work with the NTM. Plenty more expressed disgust saying "iRacing is ruined". Seriously? There's 2 setup guys, the cut and pasters who glean setups from fast guys, and the guys who enjoy and take the time to wrench on their cars. For the latter, this is a whole new opportunity to enjoy their craft. I'm no guru, but I like tweaking. The few that I have tweaked were written off as complete, now I get to do it again, feel that joy of doing something and having it work, seeing a tenth or two peel of the PB. As for the cut and wait. It's no different then when you first started, sets will be available again. It's not the end of the world. I damn near spit Code Red out my nose when I saw one of the more prolific caps lock posters who was screaming "THATS NOT REAL" was also a guy losing his mind that sets would have to change. I just wanted to shake him. In the last 5 or so years of NASCAR, the COT came. Whole new setups had to be created because it was a ground up re-creation. Guys still found out how to drive fast. Some sets, like the ones that kicked the rear way out in early COT got banned, they had to again change their sets. Then the wing got taken away in favor of the old school spoiler, sets had to change. New tire compounds get implemented, sets have to change. The weather's different, it's a night race, sets have to change. Next year they're going to fuel injection and....sets will have to change. And through all of it, the good guys, Stewart, Johnson, Busch, Gordan, Harvick, they stayed good because they're RACERS. iRacing is no different. We got the NTM, sets will have to change. The good drivers with a good team (or good skill set) will still be good. If you're a good driver, you'll have a few growing pains and be good again. If your iRacing life depends on OTM, then OTM is not the problem. Changing sets is a part of reality, it was just too ironic that the Reality Brigade was also the most against having to do so.

    To conclude, this wasn't at anyone in particular here. Even the "I dont like it anymore" thread, for the most part, was a discussion, not a cry fest. I'm not exactly trying to change anyones mind; if anyone still wants to rant and rave here or elsewhere it affects me not, I'll still be driving and loving it regardless. I was just hoping this might soothe the pain of those here maybe feeling down about 2.0 or the NTM, maybe encourage another way to look at things. It just seems that if there are issues adapting, people should get together and figure out a new way of setting and driving, instead of sitting and seething. The sooner a group gets together to actually tackle the problems, the sooner the issues will pass, and he who does it first will likely finish in a similar position.

    /rant complete. Happy racing.
  2. Joe Hubbard

    Joe Hubbard

    Nice post Carl...~!

    I think you'll find everyone here is pretty level headed for the most part and I haven't seen any yelling matches between fanboys. Most posts that I have seen are like the "I don't like it anymore" threads which makes RD such a fantastic place. You can state your opinion and not get flamed back to the stone age.
  3. Mike McCormick

    Mike McCormick

    I saw that post about the guy wanting his money back because he lost his setups.

  4. Phil Hopkins

    Phil Hopkins

    I didn't see that one, but now that I think about it, I want Sony to refund all the money I spent on 8-track tapes!! Those things are absolutely useless now!!
  5. Carl Abrams II

    Carl Abrams II

    Yeah, Joe, I agree. I wasn't so much worried about it happening here, seems most are pretty level headed guys. More I was just trying to put a positive spin on things. Negativity spreads very easily, and positive comments are quite outweighed by the rants and raves of a few in the other mediums. If anyone started to feel down, like I was beginning to be about the Mod's fragile nature, I thought it would help to look at things from a different point of view. That's all :)

    Funny stuff, eh, Mike and Phil? I guess I should also request that all of my plat, gold, silver, copper, and gil should be converted to American dollars since the couple billion sitting idle in my unplayed RPG's are unusable now...

    Some people....:tongue:
  6. Saul Boucher

    Saul Boucher

    I'll say, that iRacing forum has gotten pretty out of hand. I stop in periodically for the sole purpose of getting a personal chuckle at some of the ridiculous stuff that gets posted there :)
  7. Pedro van Baelen

    Pedro van Baelen

    nice write up carl

    NTM iracing forum is completely out of hands, thats why i stopt reading
    i only come in the paint section now
  8. George Pilkington

    George Pilkington

    Yes, nice one Carl.
    Forums, normaly they do my head in. RD is the only one I look at at all rearly. (Except if I wanted a set up I cant find Full of people blowing off for the sake of it. They used to be doing it in our ears 'down the pub' now they do it on a keyboard. Great, coz I dont have to listen if I dont want to. : )
    Like Joe said in the other thread, If it aint fun, do something else.
    I for one will be staying with iracing permanantly, ntm or no ntm.
    Its all good.
    who is about to order a 2nd g27 as his ARC modded one is off on holiday at the RaceRoom, Bedford... and my sim is .... well, wheelless cry... sniff... credit card.... : ) YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  9. Nick Brooke

    Nick Brooke

    I think iRacing is the most rounded race game out there to be honest. Its something that takes a lot of time to master and if you dont have that time then go elsewhere. The setups are fine im a copy paster then i tweek a little here and there to improve it to my driving style and that works for me. If there is no setup available then i just use the base one.

    All in all iRacing to me is the best game i have played for indepth gaming. If i want a quick fix others are there.
  10. Scott Patterson

    Scott Patterson

    I haven't taken the time to peruse all of the sky is falling NTM posts at the Iracing forum myself, but I've glanced at a few. Seems to me some of these people need to find themselves copies of the old Papy Nascar series. It's an old game now, but in imho the tire modelling was before it's time. I can recall races at Martinsville and Atlanta being two of the most dreaded on the sched of the league I raced in. Everything would start out great and after 10 laps it was like the car just wouldn't steer.

    I haven't raced the NTM yet because I'm sticking to road courses and the mildly powered MX5 until I get a handle on things. And I sorta miss that reality of tires just going off after I press them too hard. But in a strange way I'm looking forward to the NTM arriving for the MX5, just to see if it levels the playing field.

    To the Iracers with their caps lock stuck, I say alot of us earned our wings on sims that featured tires that would drop off. These refund seekers will just have to be happy going slower and stepping up to that next level of realism or move onto something else.
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