Painting Help

Ez Robson

Aug 21, 2015
Hi I've finally ventured into the world of skinning after many months of wanting to do it I've finally downloaded GIMP and started getting a basic understanding of it. Just wondering if anyone has any pointers I don't really have any experience with PC software only ever dealt with the Forza and GT Sport livery creator's. As stated before I've got the very basics down but looking for help for example how do i go about lining stuff up perfectly on one side of the car to another or making shapes, been trying to recreate the AF Corse Ferrari styling but the free shape tool seems pretty impossible to use accurately. Any help is much appreciated I know there are loads of great skinners on here hopefully looking to get good at it and then start making skins for AC only using iRacing atm as I'm super digging it right now for some reason. :)