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Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Steve7151, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. Steve7151


    Hello, I been working on these trucks for awhile, and I'm finally gotten the chance to finish them, and wanting to get them into the game and upload them for you guys. I'm running into the issue of getting that Gloss in the game.

    And this is what my DDS settings is out, could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  2. Troy Barman

    Troy Barman

    What does your alpha channel look like?
  3. alexSchmurtz

    SpeedyMite Racing Staff Premium

    Mmm, not sure if this is a good news or a bad news… but those settings seem fine to me! :)
    First, you show the file for the body; there is a second one you need to edit for the windows! It must be saved with the same settings but you should edit it to put your own numbers. I think your problem is also coming from the alpha layer.. Have a look at the window in the bottom right corner and select "chanels": you should have 4 layers visibles (with a little eye on the left) and a 5th hidden (with a blank space). Select that last layer (that should hide the others ones): make sure you have not a blank layer but that you see your windows in black with all the frames around and the lettering/numbers on the windows in white.
  4. P*Funk


    The answer is simple. The default alpha channel in Reiza's published Super Truck template is really bright and therefore very shiny, almost like glass. If you look in the layers for the template you'll actually find that there's another hidden layer that says "Specular" containing what appears to be a more reasonable default alpha layer. Simply copy that one to overwrite your alpha layer and it should look a lot better.

    Alternatively you can just adjust the brightness on your existing alpha layer to darker.
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