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PaceNote Plugin Support - General

Well, seems like I actually save these settings in the profile, but don't read them back afterwards ... :(

Don't expect me to fix this in the near future, as NGP6 is on its way, which is much more important to me. :whistling:
Hey, it's me again. Is plan to "fix" settings loading maybwe any closer on your roadmap now?
Well, not really.
Up next, apart from creating NGP6 cars, is some motion platform stuff, which I have planned to implement within a few weeks ... :)
hello, I've been using this plugin for several months. last week i reinstalled richard burns and found many differences on pacenote plugin. the previous version I had installed had much more variation possibilities, the current one has a lot less. in fact some curves are not recognized by the new version. can you explain me please? I thought I always had the latest version, wasn't it? or is there an option?