Oulton park, Road america

Oulton is a highly updated version from Toca...So from a very old source...Road America is from the shift series so should be no problem posting links on Race Dept as its exactly the same as the AC version.. same source, same amount of work to bring it up to scratch.
As much as I'm looking forward to a scratch make Road America, the WIP pics in that version have me a little worried. I'm a season ticket holder at Road America and there are a lot of elevations that look off. We'll see when the final version gets released, but the Shift version is the best one out there at the moment.
The new Road America is out. I haven't tried to drive on it but I'm disappointed with the trees, they're ugly, only one line with one type of tree and instantly behind that the treewall. Very destructive illusion.
Yes disappointed with trees here, maybe they will be updated in the future, every track Coutie releases is an improvement on the last so its obvious he is learning as he goes and I appreciate him sharing his work.
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