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OT: Goal United

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Dazmaniac, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. Dazmaniac


    Really only for those who like their football.
    Anybody tried this?


    I saw an advert for it the other night on TV during Euro 2012, so checked it out and signed up last night. Having enjoyed playing the Champ Manager games in the past, I was interested to see how it works.

    All run through the browser, no installs required. Just sign up and off you go. The tutorial can seem a little tedious, especially for those who like to get their hands dirty straight away, but it serves its purpose and shows you around all the areas of the game you will need to use.

    It appears you are added to the lowest league available and unlike CM where you could play for hours on end and rattle of a full season one sitting, Goal United takes things a little slower. There are full seasons, but matches only happen every 3 or 4 days (real time). My next game (last of current season apparently) is scheduled for Sunday at 19:30.

    Other teams appear to be managed by real people and where leagues are a little short, AI controlled teams are used until someone signs up and is allocated one of the AI teams, as it appears I was last night, lol.

    The game seems to have all the things CM used to have, with team selection, training, hiring/firing staff, upgrading stadium etc. It seems to be one of those MMO type games where you can actually sign up for a premium membership where certain things become available or you can just play it as the free game it is advertised as.

    Will be interesting to see how it goes seeing as the matches are fairly well spread and at least allow you ro have a life outside the game, seeing as it doesn't have that 'just one more game' option like CM used to have, that found you still playing at 3 in the morning, lol.

  2. Chris Bell

    Chris Bell

    Yer seen tht!! Looks like a bit o fun