chassis plans?

Those cockpits look absolutely fantastic, and if you're itching for that design, go for it. Be aware, they're using lots of special plate fittings and the cost is going to be very, very high to replicate a cockpit like that. The ready-to-build versions on their site are a good guide; that cockpit is easily a $2000+ build.

It's unique, for sure. Be aware, the "aspect ratio" is a bit elogated for a 4-mount motion system, unless you're willing to bring the front actuators roughly in-line with the wheel mount. Ideally, you have your 4 actuators as close to a square as possible, with the rear actuators mounted as far back as you can get them.

Also, that particular design has those high cross bars quite close to your elbows. I'd want to check that design out to make sure you're not banging your arms when you drive. Alot of that depends on how much bend you want at your elbow when you setup your wheel to seat distance. Some folks like more elbow bend than others. If you're a "bendy" type driver, those high 4040 pieces may be an issue. Also note, that cockpit is for the limber for entry/exit, and it doesn't appear to support a seat slider on the bottom. Maybe not a big deal, just something to be aware of.

The other alternative is a basic 8020 rig with 4080 profiles which can be done in the US for around $600-700. This has the advantage of complete flexibility. That's what I did, and I've very happy with it (1 pic below, just FYI)

Look around, you'll see lots of clever designs here. Good luck.

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Thanks for the input. I took the plunge and ordered the plans. It's certainly worth the extra bucks to get cutting files because they provide a base to start from as I intend to make modifications. This rig is definitely designed for paddle shifters so I was intending to clearance the passenger's side by 80mm to make room for the shifter. Hadn't thought about elbow room on the driver's side. I'll clearance it by 40mm while I'm at it, thanks. Good catch. The verticals will change appropriately to accommodate but it's all a matter of time and beer.

A friend of mine has an industrial laser cutter in his machine shop so I'm hoping the plate cutting with cost somewhere south of full retail. All other parts will likely be sourced abroad because US prices for 80/20 range from high to fairly ridiculous.

I've been communicating with PT-Actuators about their 4DOF kits which actually come with Thanos' servo controller and it's pretty plug and play. The traction loss option is very attractive but I'm not sure yet is I want to deal with the complexity it will add to rig in design and fabrication. Yet TBD.


Chassis Mods.jpg
All looks quite good. One issue to be aware of, the front overhang in your drawings is fairly high. Make sure extreme forward pitch is achievable without dragging the front of the rig. Not sure what kind of stroke you're considering; if you have enough, it's likely the overhand is your limiting parameter.
Agreed. I have not looked at the geometry of mounting the actuators yet. The actuator kit from PT-Actuators is pretty high on my list and if/when I'm certain then I'll get the full specs and start crunching numbers. I fully understand that the closer you keep them together the higher angle achieved at full travel. But then overhang becomes a balancing act. Thanks again, I'll stay in touch.

The line drawings are for illustration only. As I get deeper into the project then the actual placement will be based on center of gravity along with optimal manufacture recommended spacing.