Opala 86

Brent Mills

Brent Mills
Perhaps like I did, you've overlooked this car up until now, what with the excitement of V8's and super V8's to drive. However I recently started driving this car and it is absolutely fantastic! Somehow it makes me feel like 'yes this is exactly how a real car behaves'. The ffb is incredibly detailed and lets you know exactly what the car is doing, but the most enjoyable part for me is getting it out of shape and having the ability to get it back. If you're into drifting, try Kansai East in this thing, you can just about drift the entire S section! In racing it means getting it on the edge and being able to get the car back if you push too much in a fun believable way.

Anyway if you haven't tried, try it, you won't regret it!


Absolutely all Reiza content is worth discovering.
Majority of the tracks have a really great flow and the cars are diverse and damn fun to drive.

If you want something really special, get Formula Truck.
Those babies are absolute killers.
Hmmmm .... Velo Citta with Trucks anybody? :D
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